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I can’t believe that I’m following American Idol like a seasoned groupie like my siscus(that’s sisters cousins for ya!) used to back during the Clay Aiken days.

Anyway, my point being that unlike Singapore Idol os seasons past, there isn’t any kids who can’t sing or punks who are merely jumping around on stage. American Idol contestant Season 9 has got the chops required to be in the show.

Sadly, not all of them perform at optimal range. Here’s my take after watching tonight’s episode:

Alison a little bland. Din’t really pull off with the high notes.

Anoop devoid of emotions. Its as if he was having his final performance of the campaign.

Adam. He made it fun. The orchestra rocked! He was expressive. He’s good. Bloody hell.

Matt Giraud almost desecrated Bryan Adam’s number with some untimely voice riffs. He has a gd voice, but instead of impressing the crowd, should’ve stick to working at the song instead.

Danny Goker truly felt his song and he sang through his eyes and pitch. Very nice. Good rapport with the audience.

Kris Allen looked good, but came off nervous looking and at times off-key. He can be gd if he can appear relaxed. Talented but not this week.

Lil Rounds has got one of the best vocals, and on her day she’s rightfully a singer on her own stage. Disappointingly she looks a little uncomfortable right now, and she’s singing with a lack of confidence.

So there you have it, my worthless thoughts/opinion of their performance. Ahhh, nothing beats being critical with nonchalant carte blance. I’m loving it.