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I met my first love back when I was working in a bakery shop, juggling freshman year, footballing commitments and my newfound addiction to gaming.

Though I’m no longer a freshman, I’m still committed to my football and the gaming addiction continues, but most importantly: my first love has always remained.

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The love for Pecan Cinnamon Rolls, or Pecan Rolls.

Just reminiscing it, brings back memories of that sweetly burnt wafts as you open the oven doors to fetch the rolls of perfectly risen Pecan Cinnamon pastries.

The crunchy texture and crispy outer layers, fresh and hot from the oven is the universe’s only Wonder Of The World to any tastebuds — unless of course you’re sickly allergic to nuts, of which in that case, too bad.


I used to work in a bakery shoppe (St Cinnamon) and the best tasting, fastest moving and most expensive item on the menulist has always been Pecan Roll, with it’s excessively juicy and sweet smelling goodness all rolled into one succulent, opulent and permanent joy.

Yummy, and I was always the one who made it known to everyone that the Pecan Roll is mine at the end of the day, in case there’s any leftover when we close shop.

There never was any leftover, and I’d be left yearning for just one more bite.

And I’m still yearning all these while, as the pastry company has since folded and I’ve yet to meet it’s match among the many banquet spreads I’ve been to.

However if you’re like me, and feels the need to heed the yearning, The Pioneer Woman has a great recipe for you (or your loved ones) to succumb to.

Check out her Pecan Pie recipe from her blog (oh and she’s an excellent story-teller-cum-photographer as well!).

A Pecan Pie may not be a replacement for my Pecan Rolls, but I’ll have to accept it and move on eh?

I guess all good things, especially Pecan Rolls, do come to an end huh?

Now, if only I knew how to half bake food without reinventing the ways fire can be ignited and spread uncontrollably within a kitchen.