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You’ve seen it by now and you’ve probably heard all about it, but for the uninitiated, Aaron Ramsey, 19year old Welsh international prodigy, broke his leg. Warning: not for the faint hearted.

2 years ago, Eduardo broke his leg, and even Diaby suffered similar injuries.

How cursed can Arsenal be with such a horrendous injury history — not that they’re asking for it or anything — but this time round, there’s a difference in the situation.

Eduardo was on the end of a very bad challenge, from a player tilting towards the malicious side of the game, while Aarom Ramsey, I believe, is simply unlucky.

Yes, unlucky that he broke his leg in a 50/50 challenge with Ryan Shawcross, a recent fresh entrant into the England Squad by Capello, and who has gone on to apologise profusely for the predicament befalling the young Welshman.

In football, if you don’t go in for a challenge, one might as well sit at home and enjoy a game of Monopoly, and in this case, it’s definitely an accident.

A hugely horrific accident, but does Shawcross deserve the red card?

Judging by the situation at hand, yes he does, to simmer any potential emotions and to prevent any triggering of ‘revenge’ tackles from Ramsey’s teammates.

I do believe and am not saying that there’ll be such a tackle, but what would you do when you see your buddy getting kicked with a broken leg?

There’s simply a chance that tackles get harder and tougher, and bringing the perpetrator out of the game, simmers it.

Referee did the right thing, but does Shawcross deserves to be branded ‘Thug’ or ‘Malicious’ player with that tackle?

No, he does not.

That lad’s an immense talent, and he’s a strong, hard tackler and there’s definitely nothing malicious about the intent in the play that builds up to the injury, and there was plenty of grievances as the big lad trudged off the pitch in tears, after checking on Ramsey’s condition with a comforting palm.

It’s just unfortunate that Ramsey’s leg buckled, as his was planted onto the ground.

It begs the question of what if it was Shawcross that suffered the broken leg?

By any means, it was a possibility as even Ramsey had went into the challenge himself, with both players attempting to kick away the ball.

What makes it even less malicious is that there wasn’t even any lunging or jumping into the challenge by both players.

It’s a sick injury, a horrific accident, and sure that Shawcross takes the blame for that injury, but for certain he is to be vindicated of any thuggery or malicious claims.

It’s purely bad luck, and it could happen to anyone, anywhere, and I hope Ramsey realises this and recovers as fast as he can to get back to enjoying the game that he loves.