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Say, what if you’re on government bond of 3 years (of working in Singapore). However you have the option of paying it off for SG$50,000. Then your Mum wants to pay off that bond for you, so that you can live with her elsewhere and don’t have to serve that bond. What would you do? Tricky situation eh. Do you take the quickway out, and lose your $50,000 or would you persevere for 3 years? 

Anyway, to my friend who’s facing this dilemma, persevere dude. 3 years will pass by like… zooom! Even if you really are needed back home, you can always take a holiday trip. Financially speaking, $50,000 is a lot to be wasted on a government bond. Why not, save that $50,000 for something else, maybe place in a fixed deposit for 3 years. At the same time, you work your ass off during that 3 years and earn some money. Plus, the home trips isn’t really that far to not be able to make it often. Unless you have a secret family with children that I’m not aware of, and requires your immediate support over there, then I propose a financially wise decision of working for the 3 years.

Dude, consider wisely.  That $50,000 your mum is sacrificing after all her years of hard work, will be placed into government hands which could possibly be spent within days. (I’m just contemplating ‘cos I don’t know about governement budgets but they sure are in the millions. So what’s $50,000 eh?) Just like that.

Its extremely difficult to negotiate with a fixed mind, so the best that you can do is to coax and present to her of your present opportunities and potentials. At the same time remind her of the good it’ll bring.  Good luck.

Wow… $50,000… Wooo.. I could buy lots of big bikes!