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It wasn’t a strict 4-4-2 but more of a 4-4-1-1 formation, and Rafa’s failure to add creativity into his mdifield has caused Liverpool to lose another 2 points. City’s gameplan was ultra simple, pack the central defensive area and hope for the best. 

At the moment, Man Yoo have stretched a formidable 7 point lead at the top while Liverpool regain their status as EPL’s king of bore-draws. The 1-1 result against Citizens was the Red’s 10th draw of the season, the most draws accumulated in the league currently.

Suddenly, looking at the table now, Chelsea is only just 1 win away from stealing 2nd spot. Liverpool now have to cope with the pressure of catching up Man Yoo, whilst continously glancing behind to keep watch of Chelsea’s advances. 

Looking further down the table, the revelation of a relegation battle  continues and what an exciting battle it will be! A boon indeed, because its getting really boring at the top with news of Man Yoo’s persitent victories by the odd one goal margin. Seems like only Inter Milan looks to have the capability of souring their brazenly sweet season, and throw them into a little disarray, which unfortunately seems rather unlikely.

So my opinions of the season seems to be unfolding scarily true — that Man Yoo will steal the title, again, while Liverpool will falter away due to the lack of game winners.  My last statement especially evident during this Man City game, when we were without Gerrard and Alonso. 

Though I don’t give up easily, I acknowledge reality and though I know my Reds will keep on trying to close the gap, I’m pretty sure that Man Yoo will stubbornly keep winning their games. 

As for next season, I’ve already drawn up my list of key players to bring into the club, but first, the Liverpool board of directors might want to start drawing up their list of managers to take over Rafa Benitez. He’s a great tactician, but never really embodies the Liverpool spirit of free flowing attacking football.