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I think Bali residents are proving themselves to be positive and opportunists during this economic downturn.

Browsing Yahoo News (SG) I came across the article where they mention of 10 whales beached in Bali. No, there wasn’t any wildlife exhibitions or marine life showcase, but it was probably  a case of really bad weather (underwater???) for these mammals, that drove them to beach to their death. But I’d suspect that their cause of death could be aligned towards another reason.

You see, some villagers probably grew affectionate for these stranded beasts, and quite possibly poured buckets water onto these mammoths while some kids danced around them and throwing sand. And then there are some who’d go right up to these beasts, with an empty bucket and a parang, and cut them up and drain their fats/oils for Medical purposes. Trained doctors they’re not, but other than having a similar effect to Viagra, I simply can’t fathom any reasons why they should be cutting up stranded fish carcass.

Me, imagining their conditions, “Woah, got whale! Cut! Cut! Get Oil! Fish Asam Laksa for the rest of the month too! Woohooo!!” or something like that. Ruthless eh? Just like the handsomely paid executives of wall street. Mindless too. But to each his own. Or her own, I guess. 

Anyway, so why do whales beach? One of the most intelligent mammals to swim this earth, I suspect that it could be a political statement that these fishes undertook. Perhaps they were a gang of suicidal fishes or maybe they were extremists who were trying to rid the coastline from humans? You know, like suicide bombers on a mission — except its without any pyrotechnics. Whatever their agenda may be, it is  sad and yet normal.  Failure to save them may be seen as cruel to some animatarians (is there such a word???) but looking at it from a local Villager’s point of view, it is entertainment, a medical  boon, and a chance to keep the wallet intact too.