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I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but if masked photographs of dudes in costumes and having a 1980s styled website (either that or its being designed by a 13 year old from his bedroom) speaks for itself, then I suppose that it is really true. The world superhero registry does exists! 

How to join? Simple, according to their FAQs,  A Real-Life Superhero is a person who does good deeds or fights crime while in costume. Reasons one has to be in a costume is so that it can inspires others, are just one of the many consequences, defined by them in being a superhero.

My favourite Superhero? Polar man. Here are his virtues:  

Polar Man shovels elders’ steps and walkways, entertains children and prowls the streets some nights keeping an eye out for vandalsHe models himself after a figure in an Inuit legend, an unknon white man, who provided food and clothing to people in need.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever done any good deeds while in a costume but if you count uniforms as costumes, then I suppose I’d register as a World Superhero, because I used to let my buddies copy my homework during secondary school days and I’m sure it has helped them tremendously, then and now.  Come to think about it, I’ve been providing solutions to people around me most of the time, and entasked in taking care of stuffs most of the time. Ahhh…

I think I’d like to call myself… Providence Boyy!

And now, back to work and real life…