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And I’m still stuck on 2.7 only because Vooju (my domain+hosting supplier) doesn’t allow automatic upgrades for wordpress installs.  I hope they jump on the bandwagon of thousands of other hosts and adopt wordpress as their baby. Anyway, not that it’s gonna harm me or anything ‘cos I think I’ll be fine without it — for the time being — but it does sucks to not be able to have your hands on the latest upgrades.

Such as not having the chance to get an Apple iPhone 3G S. I’ve been an Apple fanboy ever since my primary school days, no thanks to my uncle (who now has his own website, check out for more info) who introduced the PowerMac to me when I was still fazed by the Nintendos, the Genesises and the Saturns.

Remember those old gaming systems? I think the games available on the iPhone today trumps them all, except for this particular Genesis game, called Herzog Zwei — I daresay the grandfather of RTS games!! If only it is ported onto the major consoles of today.

Anyway, WordPress has been a good servant and I’m glad I migrated away from Blogger and onto it. Drupal? Forget it. Joomla? Too extensive and complicated. Livejournal? Too messy and restrictive. I’m sure there are views that wish to differ mine but I suppose after trying these I’ll confidently stay with WordPress as my blogging system of choice — and in case wordpress goes bust, then there’s always Posterous to fall back on.

Oh, why am I blabbering about blogs and their system? Just because.