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1. You underestimate the competition.

2. You motivate the competition.

3. You are the competition.

I saw how the Spanish football team took to the field against the unfancied Italians last night, and I’m not sure if it was just me whom noticed the smuggy Spanish faces, of which I dare say do gingerly tilt towards over-confidence.

They terribly underestimated the Italian contingent, and the Italians were grateful for the nonchalant defending of Casilas and co, attacking wave after wave relentlessly.

Truly, it’s a pity that much of what the Italians got for their efforts were a mundane defiance from the Spanish players still refusing to accede their lost of grip during the game.

Before the game even began, the motivated Italian team knew what they had to do and they knew that Spain, was the team to beat for this European championships.

Indeed, Spain was the competition, and when you’re the competition, everyone ups their game against you.

Suddenly everyone has a reason to beat you.

That’s why sometimes, it’s best to stay low profile and play the underdogs.

Heh, just ask Chelsea.