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Of course, I’m thankful that there’s a project for us folks at the office and production to be working with, but I certainly wasn’t subscribing for it to take place over the weekend.

The weekend, a time when most of us will be enjoying waking up as late as we ought to, but I had to wake by 9am. No, not because of work though, but because I had a rendez-vouz with Jake Sully and Neytiri at Lido, Shaw House that morning.

Yep, it was Avatar-mania all over again, even if it’s in its 13th week of showing here, it still feels fresh and thankfully, the theatre wasn’t that full, or else my movie experience will be spoiled with blatant ringtones, baby wailings or musings of crackers’ packaging being ripped open.

But I did head back to the office, after the movie to continue with my workload, which somehow bloated up as the weekend approached.

And I guess it made me tick off a customer, or should I add the verb, ‘irritating’ to it, as the fella kept sending me horrendous artworks for print, again and again and again.

Yes, I can be patient, and it has its virtues, but I suppose being firm and direct has its fair share of virtues too. If that fella is too slack to tighten his strings, and starts giving me a hell lot more work than I should be bothered to do, then I make sure hell goes back to where it came from. Fair enough?

This line I’m in, there are just some blokes that aren’t cut out to be here, and I think it’ll even do Singapore’s productivity much good if these deadweights take up another hobby, other than ‘harassing that good looking and helpful FA artist at the printshop’.

On a separate issue, and totally unrelated to these musings above, I think I’ve hit the jackpot in ‘How to become an early riser’, after almost years of battling the sleeping monster everytime my alarm goes off.

I reach office late, EVERYDAY, but a few years back, at my old company, I always come on time. Usually, as latecomers get fined. Heh.

So now I’d have thought that setting my alarm to go off earlier would make me wake up earlier, which it did, but after which I’d only go back to sleep again, considering that there’s time to spare.

Which then leads me to waking up late, and reaching the office late again. Bravo.

BUT I think I’ve done enough to give myself credit, in rising to the challenge of being an early rise, these past 2-3 days, and I’m still fishy if this new technique I’m working on is really working, because if it is, then it’s really really great news.

News which means, I get to work early, get more productive earlier, and gets to go home earlier too!

So just how do I do it?

Well, let’s just say I’m not prepared to reveal much details yet, because I fear it might just sound silly — yes sillier than sending horrendous artworks for print — unless I give it a few more days’ test, to report on its effectiveness.

Awww, you wanna be an early riser too?

PS: Have you seen my blogpost where I muse on who really should be given the Oscar’s Best Picture? Guess you haven’t, so here it is. And the winner for the Best Picture goes to..