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“I leave dis industry n nvr look back.. but I cnt help but to feel afraid of wats e future lies ahead..”

Exact words from one of the strongest and bravest lady I’ve ever met, which I received this morning and one which prompted me that I simply had to come up with this post today.

It’s true, and I’m just glad that I’ve been able to hold her hands and point her towards little nuggets of opportunities along the way.

She’s very courageous even though if’s she’s in a situation likened to a fish out of water.

In a way though, she’s never really out of the water, but rather just in a different environment, like ALF, the Angry Little Fish (remember him anyone?) and in itself, she’s got so much courage just to step up and rise to the occasion.

There’s uncertainty, hardship, uncharted waters and yet you’ll see no sign of fear in her.

She’s got more balls than most guys will ever have.

Um, I hope you didn’t read that at face value, and no, she’s not she-male or whatever it is that you may have fantasized, because I only meant that she’s a strong, tough little girl.

So what does all this have to do with you?

Simple, MKNTFN (slur the words slowly and it’ll sound meh-keen-neet-tfan, or makin’it-fun), will now have a fledgling prodigy (that’s her) who is extremely hungry with design-related requirements that you and your company are in need of.

Logo designs and rebranding of your company image, and Print supplies, such as vinyl for your wall murals and stickers and labels for your common advertising campaigns, will make up the core of this new service of ours.

In summary, MKNTFN aims to provide:

  1. Prompt & Functional Company Rebranding Opportunities,
  2. Proven Quality Vinyl Stickers For Everyday Applications &,
  3. Fun, Friendly & Communicable New Media Packagings.

Now, if you would like to find out how we can help you and your company, then let’s start a conversation today.

Oh yah, MKNTFN, Acra: 53133860J, is all registered and legal and have been so for a good 1.5 years now, and where previously I’ve had limited time to dabble and scrabble in this, she’s allowed me the opportunity to ‘go full steam ahead’ with the company.

We go full steam ahead so that you, and your company, can go further full steam ahead.