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I have been spending late nights till the wee hours watching One Piece episodes, and contrary to my earlier belief that its just so difficult to watch anime online, actually it’s been relatively DEAD SIMPLE to watch animes online.

Not since my NS days have I been this hook on watching animes, and having stopped midtracks on those long running animes, I’ve regained my footing on the One Piece adventure! Nothing beats fighting an arduous sea journey with insane battles and crazy comrades.

I was once so hooked on the anime, that I even bought posters and miniatures that belonged to the One Piece franchise. Hell, I even had a few chess pieces that depicted characters from the series. (Yes I was that obsessed with One Piece, and chess, back then…) 

At least the anime have enlightened my nights, lightening my mood from the hectic day schedule and other stuffs. Here’s probably why I enjoy the show: 
1. Crazy, determined, selfless, independant, proactive, strong-willed, cohesive, complex-yet-simple characters.
2. The artwork in pastel, bright and lively colours. 
3. The camraderie and sacrifice that each person goes through and endure.
4. The way the director climaxes each episode.
5. The unsuspecting jokes and teasers, littered throughout the show.
6. Frilly, cool subs!
7. Work’s stressing up.
8. Getting jaded of losing in DOTA.
9. Noone to go karaoke with.
10. Last, but not least, ITS FREE!!!!!!

Anyway, one good thing I’ve learned from watching the show is this: Things aren’t always what they seem and always, always, always, think twice carefully before making any decisions.

Wakata… Korewa…..