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How weird can it get? Brazil is now trailing the USA by 2 goals to none as I’m posting this. Wow. Hard to believe that an ‘average’ footballing nation like USA can take such a commanding lead against the current supposedly best teams in the world. I’d thought that it was pure luck with a little touch of gritty determination that won them the game against the Spaniards, but to repeat such a feat against the mighty Brazilians… wow. Just wow.

And I read earlier about how the late King of Pop’s demise led to the arrival of an unprecedented surge in album and singles’ sales! And it feels weird that all of a sudden there’s so many pro MJ posts going around. I suppose it makes monetary sense for anyone to ┬ácapitalise on MJ’s capitulation, but did the King of Pop (KOP) chased his own funeral? I’ve read news of his supposed mixed pills abuse but I guess we’ll never really know eh? Super famous celebrities’ death tends to get a little enigmatic I think. Pfft. Just bury him already. Or are they cremating? What’s his religion anyway? Some say Muslim, some say something else. Hmmm.. Interesting…

And is Transformers 2 (T2) really that bad? Seriously? Or was I distracted by Megan’s posture on that bike? Or the scene where the humanoid Decepticon revealed its scorpion like tail, and I failed to realise what a stupid plot/storyline it’s becoming? It’s not as bad as.. say.. V For Vendetta, Watchmen or Dragonball right? The amount of bombardment I’ve been getting from T2’s viewers are strange. So many not appreciative of the visual effects treat. It’s not easy to create such stuffs ok! It’s a good show la! Pffft. I’m definitely watching it again!

And then bro got himself a Blackberry Storm! I’m impressed that he took my advice on getting a proper handheld comms device, ‘cos he initially wanted to get the fancy pansy Samsung touchscreen handsets, but I firmly gave him an ultimatum of either get iphone/blackberry/htc dream or regret buying another 2nd grade cosmetic toy (handset). Anyway, the Blackberry Storm looks really good. Feels good too, but it’s not going to stop me from craving an iPhone, and now that (in the US) the iphone 3G has been half-priced since the iPhone 3G (S) debuts, I might just have too little reason to prevent myself from fulfilling my dreams of turning into a half-baked Apple fanboy. Heh. Half-baked cos I still can’t afford a 19inch Macbook Pro. Not yet. Pffft.