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An unintended hiatus that I’m back from, but it’s really just me unable to find words.

Funny how you keep writing all these years and yet words slip like a worn out, old shoe on a rainy day.

You just can’t run with ’em.

Thankfully there are songs that says it all, like Sum 41’s Pieces:

I tried to be perfect, but it just wasn’t worth it.. nothing could ever be so wrong.
It never gets easy.. I guess I knew that all along.
(More lyrics – Listen to MP3)

And you’ve sincerely tried.

And you’ve sincerely tried.

And for when you know you’ve sincerely tried and gotten misunderstood, then there’s Marinas Trench’s Say Anything, live version. Raw emotions.

I never took you for a trip but sometimes.. I don’t know what you want.
I can take it if you need to take this.. out on someone.
(More lyrics – Listen to MP3)

And you breathe again.

And you breathe again.

And for when it hurts you to stay and kills you to leave, there’s Sara Bareilles’ Breathe Again, which makes me sober all over.

Still I’m searching for something.. Out of breathe I am left hoping someday.
I’ll breathe again.. I’ll breathe again.
(More lyricsListen to MP3)

No pain no gain huh?