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This is it.

This is the opportunity that I’ve never been waiting for and now that it’s staring me in the face, somehow it feels hard to come to terms with it.

All my dabbles and scrabbles with starting something and trying anything have resulted in the good, the bad and the ugly.

Though I do know one thing, that failure is a certainty.

Wait, let me tweak that sentence.

I do know one thing, that failure is a certainty IF one does not focus, devote, and assert tenable effort into any opportunity that one undertakes.

Failure parlays right?

I get butterflies and even out-of-tune singing crickets in my stomaches whenever I take on something new or push myself over the edge of uncertainty, and it’s harrowing and stifling, this anticipation of impending failure.

Yes, I fear failure, just like you, but that won’t stop me from doing what I set out to do.

Yes failure makes me contemplate my options, just like you, but that won’t make me risk any less.

I’ve failed, terribly, and countless times, and came off flat and bruised, but I guess I’m fortunate enough to know how that feels where it’s like, as Sarah Maclachlan puts it in the song “Fallen”: It’s the bitter taste of losing everything that I’ve held so dear.

But thank goodness suffering is only temporary.

I know well enough because I’ve fallen more than I’d like to, and I know how sweet revival tastes, how enlightening endeavors come off and how redeeming it is to excel from setbacks.

So don’t worry too much, cos if it’s going to get bad it’ll get bad anyway.

It’s not that I’ve stopped worryingly entirely, I do worry, but I dwell just long enough to allow a second to turn back and reconsider my risks before moving on.

Most of us sub-consciously dwell too much in our worries till it evolves into anxiety.

Anxiety sucks.

Let’s try that again.

Anxiety sucks.


As Seth Godin puts it, Anxiety is practising failure in advance.

Would you practise failure? Or success?

This is it. (What is it? It is… to be continued~)

This is the opportunity that I’ve been never been waiting for and, hey hey, bring it on!