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Should i or shouldn’t I?

I just wished that there weren’t so many things that I’d like to do and chase, and that I would simply be contented with living day to day, of which I am. But don’t get me wrong though I am extremely satisfied and gluttonised with where I am standing at the moment, where I am thankful for everyone who has been there riding along with me, there is soooo much more that I wish I could do or learn.

This dormant promises of more to come and of subdued potentials have left me wanting, and for the records I’m not talking about girls or cars or bikes or anything materialistic, but rather of nascent business ventures/opportunities.

I still recall my first business venture, and surprise surprise, it was way back during my primary school days. Remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or TMNT)? I can’t recall everything, like how I got my supplies, but I do vividly recall selling their badges and stickers during school hours! Of what I made, I think I invested them in erasers with little flags of countries printed on them. You smile, cos you know what those erasers where for rite? So I loved the cartoon dearly and back then I just wanted to share them with my fellow classmates. Of course by nature of selling the TMNT stuffs all on my own.

Fast forward to today and I still find myself in a not so distant position as I was back then. The good news is that I’m still trying to realise a proper business venture of my own (apart from Jacky Printing). The better news is that I can actually count on trusted partners this time around. Though the timing is now ripe, there’s just something that’s holding me back. Something that’s keeping me on the fence and not giving me enough conviction to release anchor just yet.

So should I cough the $$$ for an office/studio space or should I curb the  gurggling instinct and stick to a virtual space? Should I get a printer in or should I just let someone else do it? Do I upgrade to a DSLR or stick it out till times are better? But is there ever really a better time? Deep inside I’ve been telling myself that the only time that it’s better is when you tell yourself that it is so.

I have struggled badly to come to a decision, and being down with a whoopingly bad cough hasn’t made this past week any better. Taking a 1 day MC last Friday certainly eased it a little but instead I spent the day gaming away — and with my potential venture buddy too! We were supposed to discuss about our photography venture, and though we ended up gaming anway, I’d still say that it was a win-win situation.

And then bro caught me by surprise as he finally dipped his toes into a little bit of internet marketing. Persistently asking me to promote his newfound interest, I gladly obliged. In fact, I think I might have more than just a little bit of relation to what it is about. Want to know more? Head down to my brother’s informative assisted internet marketing page of making money online while you’re sleeping. Lol.

I dare you to give it a visit and in fact, your first 15 seconds will definitely be filled with.. wtf? wth? this is rubbish or confirm just another scam thingy. Like who the fish1 needs web hosting space right? Well I thought so too. Though thank god that with whatever little business experience that I have, it implored me to read further and analyse deeper, and I’m truly glad I did.

I know most of us shun and detest internet marketing as if its the online H1N1 virus, but I actually applaud my bro’s desire and courage in jumping onto the bandwagon. Though I first thought it was a scam, on closer scrutiny I realised just how brilliantly simple and dumbfoundingly effective it can be. Though you’re welcomed to give it a visit (seriously. no obligations here… ) I think I might just do more than that and maybe I’ll just, ahem,  cough up the requirements for this.

If you asked me why then I’d simply  say ” I think we good guys deserve a little break.”

Seriously, no obligations please..

*nudge – nudge*

1Refers to a certain f-worded noun which more often have been in used as a verb, punctuation, slang, noun and even  interjections. You knew I wasn’t really referring to a fish right?