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It took me a good 12 minutes of the phone alarm blaring and my cat, Yee-Eee, jumping and bouncing off me, before I could muster enough waking energy to, um, wake. It’s not easy getting up when you’ve just slept like 3 hours ago. In fact, it is far worse to try to wake when you’ve slept just between 3-5 hours.

Sleeping for 1 or 2 hours, and you will wake ¬†quite comfortably, but go past the 3rd hour, and you’ll be involved in a raging war between trying to even sit up on bed and lying down for a further 5 mins. Fortunately for me, my Cat was persistent enough to not let me have anymore 5 mins of snooze.

Joining the crowd in my living room to watch the Champions League final, Dad informed me that Barcelona had just taken the lead against Man Utd. Eto’o was the scorer, and I was the sucker who missed the excitement of watching the goal live. I blame my Cat for not bouncing enough earlier.

So well did you catch the game this morning, or night depending on where you are, and would you agree if I mention that Man Utd was unfairly pitted against an extra-terrestrial team this final? Whatever happened to fair play? Or did Barcelona managed to sneak an extra playere onto the pitch, which I frantically tried to prove throughout the game.

Resorting to long balls into the channels, Man Utd glaringly missed their playmaker. The player who makes their attacks tick and brings other players into the game. Who else, but Scholes was missed ultimately. Sure Giggs huffed and puffe, but his ageing legs didn’t receive the right support from his younger compatriots and he doesn’t quite possess the same killer instincts that Scholes does.

Indeed without Scholes, not one uniited player was bringing the rest into the game. Sadly the boys in white were content on either embarking on his own mazy solo runs, or resting deep in an effort to not get caught out. The Blaugaranas instead had every player who seeked to bring others into the game, while teasing and pulling the opposition.

Hold the ball, pass it behind to move it forward. Simple tactics from Guardiola’s boys and beautifully intricated goals delivered in his favour. Its hard to imagine that this is Guardiola’s first ever season as a senior coach. Um, Jose who anyone?

Forget coaches for a moment because a tiny lad from Argentino has just claimed the Ballon D’or on his own. Messi has arrived, finally and in big time too. Isn’t it freakishly out of this world how he jumped forward, leaned backwards and managed to divert Xavi’s cross into the net? All these while ghosting behind Ferdinand. You’d blame O’Shea for not pressing into him, but I say why lay blames when someone deserves crediting?

Wonderfully gifted with superb close control and strength despite his midgety size for a footballer, Messi is no doubt going to claim the next Ballon D’or — or world player of the year. Sorry Ronaldo, you’re an extremely talented athlete, but for now its time for you to take the backseat. Messi, the unstoppable force.

So all in all, to Man Utd, you’ve had an amazing season and experienced an unprecedented decade, but for now it’s time for you to take the backseat and herald the greatness, the phenomenon and the subliminal Blaugaranas.

Barcelona (2) – Man Utd (0). Good game. Good night.