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I thought I’d miss Google’s traditional April Fool’s joke this year, but I didn’t and though quite obvious its a joke, it still reads funny.

Anyway I hadn’t noticed it but Gmail has been around officially for 5 years, yesterday. Ever since its Beta stage, I didn’t realised I’ve used them for so long. I’ve still my Hotmail, Yahoo and other obscure email accounts, but Gmail has overtaken them all by miles. Its just so simple and fun to use Gmail.

 5 years on and from the initial 2GB offering, its grown tremendously now, and still counting. 

Hmmm, let’s see…

5 years ago I was in the middle of National Service and unsure of what I would be doing after ORD.

5 years ago I’d thought I’d work my way up a corporate ladder or join as an apprentice with a studio or production house. 

5 years ago I could run 2.4km in 9mins 45secs and endlessly run around the soccer pitch for the full 90minutes.

5 years ago I was still playing Magic: The Gathering.

Ahhh, how time flies.