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Time has passed by freakishly too fast this year.

It’s not bothered to wait for me, you nor anyone else who’s contemplated and bothered to wallow in self-pittance. It’s that cruel.

I realised that in barely 2 weeks, a year ago I was limbering towards my one month reservist in-camp training, and faced plenty of stumbling blocks back then.

Fortunately there’s no reservist yet, but looking back, oh how quickly time fades as I recall on a few ‘supposedly major’ decisions made back then.

I decided to quit within 3 months then.

Of course fortunately I didn’t heed my stupid and rash thoughts so I didn’t and life goes on, but 1 year later, that eeriely similar decision comes back to haunt me.

I’ve been thinking a lot and not really been talking a lot and it’s such a shame that these are two very different things that bring about very different outcome.

If you think a lot, that’s good, but that makes you a dreamer as well, because thinking don’t get things done.

If you talk a lot, that’s good, you get the message across, but you run in danger of being viewed as a NATO person.

Oh, NATO as in, No Action Talk Only.

How much do you weigh in on this?

Me? I don’t know, biasedly biased, I think I’ll judge myself as a 80/20 person, with the 20 represennting the talking — I don’t talk much, and when I do, I guess I talk before I think?

Ahh, don’t we all?

Thankfully there’s blogging, which isn’t quite talking, but you get the drift yah?

When you blog, you get to think before you talk, and it’s sort of a 50/50 thing here, and it’s think then talk.

And when you talk too much, there’s always that delete post/draft button lying somewhere along the page.

I wonder if I’ll live my life wishing for that ‘delete button’ when it’s time for that talk?