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It’s the Lunar New Year all over again, but its the year of the Rabbit this time around and here’s to wishing you well with lots of fortune and happiness.

A rabbit is calm yet vigilant, withdrawn yet enjoys good company, and though non confrontational is wholly keen and intellectual.

Still it’s deemed to be fragile, sneaky and obsessive at times.

I still think horoscopes and astrology are fun to muse at, and if anything is to go by, the year of the Rabbit is expectedly classy, sophisticated and artistic.

Indeed it is one of the most stylistic creatures of the Chinese animal sign but what is style without substance right?

Lest we forget the unfortunate and the handicapped ones while we share the joy, because everyone deserves their fair share of joy.

The less able they are, then the more deserving they shall be.

Happy new year, and care and share please.