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I thought that I would be missing the top-of-the-table clash for my team’s Saturday 3pm League this weekend, as I’ll be out of country, but oh how relieved I was when I found out that the soccer game has been postponed! 

I would be really disappointed if I were to miss the game, and if we were to lose the throne to them on that day, I’d be gutted as I wasn’t able to do anything.  Now, I can finally travel with a peace of mind and refine my rusty photography skills.

So yeah, my Terengganu trip is still on, making it the 2nd time that I’ll be at Angulia beach resort, and possibly the 2nd time that I’ll be visiting Sekayu Waterfalls. Ooh, I can’t wait to start snapping away on my gigantic camera. Okaylah, its not gigantic but it certainly isn’t small.

If anyone is even remotely interested, here’s a look at what my travel bag would probably contain for the 3D/3N trip:
1) 1 EeePC 901
2) 1 toothbrush, 1 facewash, 1 Mach3 Shaver
3) 1 T-Shirt
4) 1 Bermudas 
5) 1 Ipod Touch
6) 1 Boxers
7) & Lots of different chargers… sigh…

In that list above, number 7 appears to be the most irritating of them all. Ugh. If only all gadgets’ chargers were universal. And yeah, how can I ever leave home without a musical/gaming device?