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It felt like floating, as if I was hovering above ground, gliding seemlessly with the road. Every turn of the throttle smoothly propels me forward and every turn feels as if I’m caressing the tar of the road. What the hell am I talking about? Well I got my bike back from the workshop today, and it felt as if I’ve never rode before! Riding has never been this smooth, this reactive, this progressive. Today, it felt really different. Today it felt as it riding has never been this fun! 

Ahh, lady luck is finally leaning onto my shoulders again, all the more evident after my soccer team, Skopets FC, grabbed the league’s throne, as a result of our 6-1 demolition of Woodlands Vista FC,  last weekend.

Anyway too bad to Liverpool FC for not squeezing a victory against Man City, but I suppose they were reserving their tanks for the Real Madrid game, tomorrow. As for tonight, these teams will slug it out after weeks of Champions League inactivity.

Of all these matches, I’m focusing on the last one most. I hope Man Utd will cruise to a 3 goal lead. And then Inter will claw back for a dramatic and not least miraculous victory by scoring 4 goals in the last 20 minutes. Now that’ll put a dent to Man Utd’s aspirations this season. \m/