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What a week it has been. Let’s recap briefly a little. So I….

1. Completed days of planning only to find it foiled in the end, and having to replan the plan.

2. Spent almost $30 at the doctor getting myself Prospan only for the cough to get worse during camp. Visited the doc a week later and got myself 2 bottles of hard core cough med. Power. This time, just 2 takes and cough almost gone. *Feels high*.

3. Have began to feel less tensed when talking to my men, but actually feel honoured to be able to lead them and teach them *hopefully* my values, if any, and stuffs. This is a case whereby if I cock-up, then they also cock-up. Haha.

4. Got to find out a lot more about internet marketing and eventually finding myself opening a can of worms, the deeper I delve into it the more opportunity/scams/endless loop of worms that appear before me.

5. Thankfully, Ramdhan is here again! Lovely, except that my training days concide with it (last year also same case lah), and that meant IPPT will be a lot tougher! Mind is boggled just wondering how I’d cope with the run and the heat and the exhaustion. Wahh. I wan my $600 worth of incentives (if I get Gold/Marksman) but this is asking too much liao!

6. Yes, I finally earned $0.06 just from reading emails!!! Haha, its not much (yes, just 6 cents) but hey, at least I’m earning reading emails — are you? Well, it’s free for anyone to reegister/signup, so why hesitate?

7. Managed to reformat my Asus netbook at Godma’s after a hal.dll error <– this is a fatal comp error! So sad to see it cos it meant that all my photos for Redlabs Photography got eradicated from the reformat. Oh well, no choice in the solution there = no respite lor~

AND then there were a few interesting conversation that I had, which at that point in time I thought would make good biscuits/cookies for a blogpost, which at this point in time I have totally forgotten about! Hooray for hectic schedule, hooray for drowsy cough med, hooray for everything else!

AND I still want my moviethon, presumably after my reservist. Right Dils? Heh..