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We loved him to bits and pieces.

Godma loved him more than any words could every imply and though she held herself well that night, I know deep down inside how devastated her heart was.

It seems fitting that Grandfather’s, or Atuk’s passing, last Monday, came to take him away peacefully, not without his benign acceptance of the inevitable though.

Recounting the days that led to his passing, I come to fathom that this was a man that has gracefully accepted that his time is up, and how he relinquishes his duty here and everything else that he’s achieved here with much serenity.

“No more fighting”, he seems to be saying, but “Thank you for all the wonderful moments altogether.” is the farewell message.

Indeed, I will always remember him fondly as the coolest and cheeriest 81 year old Atuk ever.

Hardly have I ever not seen him a moment without a smile carved on his dry, wrinkly yet affable face, but as he lays to rest, forever, that smile is our family’s greatest loss.

We love you still, to bits and pieces.

A lifetime moves on, but life goes on.

Gotta stay strong.