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I set my alarm at 5.45am and woke duely, eager to watch the game between my Reds against Real Madrid. Hanging onto a single away goal advantage, I was half-expecting Rafa to deploy a ultra defensive line-up to stifle the Madrid offensive men. And this was the other half of my expectations:

I switch on the tv and it shows that scoreline — I missed the whole game!!! I woke up, only to watch the final score! It was all the more disappointing that I missed the anticipation and anxiety of the buildup and climax of all four goals!!!

Immediately I went back to sleep, as I didn’t want to find out how the goals were scored, so that when I watched the replay later on at night, I can watch the whole game eagerly. 

You have to be a really special player, like Torres or Gerrard, to score against Real Madrid or Madrid themselves have to be playing really badly. As for Andrea Dossena’s goal scoring antics, I’m not sure which statements to pick. 

I felt Madrid wasn’t bad. They were simply unlucky that Liverpool were more effective, just like how Liverpool have been REALLY unlucky when lesser teams give them the sucker punch, despite being dominated. The 4 goals that came today, really should have arrived back then during the league games against the likes of Villa, Stoke and Everton.

And Real dominated and had chances too, though they lacked that dominating striker to force errors off the Red’s defenders, or the pacey wingers to shred the flanks away. And Lassana Diarra had a tremendous game in the middle of the park, and I’m sure Arsene Wenger will be wondering why he sold him off to Portsmouth back then.

Anyway, Liverpool 4, Real Madrid 0. It couldn’t have been any sweeter right?

At this rate… bring on the Man Yoos…