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Okay lah, there really wasn’t any ketchup spilled or harmed in the derivation of this post, but I just said ketchup as it sounds way cooler alike to catch-up.

Just because.

Anyway, I’m quite surprised as to why there’s just a mountain of workpile to climb and a horrific mash of effing shit (Pardon the lang, I know, but since this blog is NC181.. oh well) that comes from people who are just too devoid of proactiveness to work efficiently.

But I’m not surprised that I’ve been neglecting my various teeny, tiny non-profit making (yet!!!) businesses, that I’ve been leaving dirt gathering on some of my other blogs/sites but most agonisingly of course is that I’ve not been spending much time with family.

Go ahead, at this point, and call me a workaholic, unconcerned, elusive, brother or son whichever way you look at it.

It just doesn’t feel good to be missing out on my family and friends, and instead devoting my time at the workplace, and as of this moment, and so I put myself up for accountability as I say loud and clear these words:

I wish to retire in 13 years time.

Excuse me, but that doesn’t me I wish to stop working, but rather the drone mindset of the majority of the world’s population, where work done = personal time spent = money earned.

It’s a nobel thought, to take time out of the equation, but it’s a necessary thought, to free up time, which can better be spent helping others rebuild lives and stuffs — but till today, it remains just a thought, as I’m merely laying down the foundation bricks of things to come.

It’s crazy, suicidal and just plain wishful thinking, but that’s all okay.

Everyone needs a dream to chase and a goal to hold onto right?

It’s definitely not pretty or frilly, and ingloriously, painstakingly taxing, this one of my ‘superhero fantasies2‘ that is to go out there into the streets and start making the world a better place for others, because when that happens, the world becomes a better place for you too.

And then comes the question of: why 13 years?

Because 13 is my lucky number, and.. I.. feel.. lucky.

1. NC18: I’m pretty sure that among the hundreds of monthly pageviews to this place, that there’s actually a dearth of anyone below 18, because let’s face it, they’ve better things to do, like wasting time watching TV, or contemplating whether the person sitting next to them in class ether likes them or is too timid to admit that they do, than reading a bloke on a blog confessing about the implosion of the internet, his own implosion and the implosion of idiots that he knows of.

2. Superhero Fantasies: The other one is to dress up as Edwards Scissorhands and scare the shitload out of bad people3.

3. Bad People: Creatures that couldn’t care less about what others feel and have to go through, and most notably, highly concerned with what they can benefit for themselves, out of everything they do.