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If anyone wants to get a headstart in their life and get balls rolling in their life, they’ll definitely have to be a part of the events industry, where Murphy’s Law is at constant work, and massive proactive workarounds are required.

How do you evade Murphy’s Law, where something that can go wrong, will go wrong?

Honestly? You can’t evade it, that inexplicable laws of physics (or pivot point of excuse??) happens, and all for good reasons, of which the top three are:

  1. It’s a stress test.
  2. It’s a stress test.
  3. It’s a stress test.


This creates a hellhole situation for any perfectionists who intends to excel within the industry, and where maybe for a few months you’ll probably achieve plenty of really good ‘Perfect Scores’, I’m pretty sure relationships with the people around you will deteriorate as your perfectionist requirements soon becomes untenable.

I’m not a perfectionists who demands perfection, but I give everything I can whenever I take up anything and a task is at hand. This usually leads to screw ups and delays but, like I said, you can’t evade Murphy’s Law.

I’m not Superman.

I’m not your hero.

Quite simply, I’m not perfect.

– – – – – – – – – – –

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last blogged, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped entirely, but rather I’ve been putting my mind on hiatus.

My accumulating web projects and workloads are in limbo as new tasks keep takin priority.

My family wonders where I’ve been the whole month as they see me only twice a week, if they’re lucky that i happen to be late for work and they manage to talk to me at home.

My sisters keep requesting my assistance but whenever I’m home, it’s beyond midnight and they’re already too asleep for me to help them.

And you, you know who you are, drifts in and out of my life, demanding things from me like it’s some rightful authority of yours, which I’ve tried, and tried, hindered only by the perfectionists mindset, that demands for a bonfire from a lump of coal.

Maybe I’ve made it all look easy?

Oh yah, I’ve been neglecting e blogosphere for much too long but I’m back!

Oh.. maybe I’ve been neglecting myself for much too long too.