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It’s definitely an urban comedy classic, that movie about a few guys that went to Vegas, got hungover and where one of them ended up getting married, and waking up to find a living, breathing tiger in their bathroom suite — have you seen it?

It’s becoming the comedy of the year, the decade even, about a misadventure of a lifetime, a time of wrongs that felt right and a period of reconciliation and exoneration among friends.

Not since a long while has a comedy been this hilarious at the turn of each dialogue and scene, but this post isn’t about that movie, instead it’s about my ‘hangover’ after almost a year of project limbos.

For the records, I don’t drink (that’s what they always say right? but seriously, I don’t.. so bite me..) and my hangover isn’t of the drinking kind either.

You see, two of my best friends have, and yet again, embarked on an indefinite hiatus away from this country, where I’m left to contemplate just how on earth am I going to be wasting my time or simply who to hang out with/at, if it’s not on lan-gaming, card-gaming (no, not the gambling kind too — they always say that right?) and late-night binging at 24hr eateries in the West.

Indeed, lan-gaming (playing excellent games like DOTA, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty) have usurped me of much family moments and spending power elsewhere, but I’m not complaining even if I have to continue riding my bike with a ‘half-past 6’ set of sprockets and chains.

But I wasn’t always this hooked, because I was hooked on soccer.

A few years back, soccer got me involved almost more than being just merely a hobby, where I’d get a full game of football (if that’s what the Europeans prefer to call soccer) back to back, on weekends — but there hasn’t been much games lately as my ‘footballing-kaki’s are all either too busy earning money to prepare for a wedding, too unfit to run after going through a wedding, or too hardworking in expanding their genes within the wedding.

For more than a year, Bangau, Han-Solo and yours truly (with a couple of other gamers occasionally) have been hanging out together (.. guiltily, but who’s judging?) and now that we’re moving onto our separate ways (amicably and second coming) in search of greener pastures, could it be said that the times we spent gaming, having fun, binging, karaoke-ing, and just lazing around was a wasted era of our life?

Nah, I don’t think so because we had a lot of fun!

Okay, maybe too much fun but it was time well spent. Though I’m not sure about the economy part of it, there’s no denying that we were a team, a bond of brothers, and in one succinct word, a family.

We became so good in what we did (especially gaming and spouting nonsense) that it’d almost always frustrate us that we lost a game, but the synergy that we had was priceless, just like the jokes and laughters that we shared — they were moments of madness mixed with a barrage of endless nonsensical joy.

I’m resisting typing bromance, but I just did, so perhaps it typified the essence that the 3 of us were fortunate enough to have shares, like a memorable misadventure that becomes the topic of future dinner meetings when we’re with our wives and children, and joking about all the silly and mindless things that we used to do.

Bangau At The Checkpoint

And so the cliche ‘all good things must come to an end’ kicks in and as Bangau gangly passed onto the immigration checkpoint at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station last Thursday.

As for Han-Solo, he’ll be in hiatus overseas while he works, more focusedly now, in his MLM business.

Me? I’m still reeling within a wondrous awe and pondering unbelievably how a year managed to pass us by so quickly and while I try to recover from this ‘hangover’, a message from Bangau creeped in before his train left, last Thursday.

Thanks for everything bro!
The rides, the food, the dota, everything we’ve shared together.
Ur a good friend, more like a bro to me.
Though not elder or younger, maybe twins hehe.
See ya ler!

(and ended with a few choice words about girls which unfortunately did not pass this blog’s censorship requirements)

Well Bangau, you’re welcomed, anytime. Good luck.