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Gamersaurus Rex, the name of the venue that played host to me, Farid and Hamzah’s first ever (Blizzard’s) Hearthstone’s (HS) Fireside gathering!

Fresh from a 2-2 soccer game in the morning at Saint Wilfred, a quick shower at the office and a mad dash to Upper Thomson, I managed to squeeze my name as one of the registrant for Gamersaurus’ 9th Fireside Gathering, a free event for fervent HS enthusiasts.

Bringing along my Aggro Paladin, Patron Warrior and Tempo Mage decks, I was confident that I could perform well but knew that I could never match up to the upper echelon decks with powerful cards, but I knew I had to give it a try.

While my first match-up developed promisingly, with my opponent in tatters, a stroke of luck flashed for him and he rode it to victory — in HS we call it RNG, and there’s truly nothing you can do to fight it.

Sometimes RNG just screws you, and you take it on the chin and move on to the next game, which I did half-thinking that I’m probably never gonna win any games, due to my inexperience.

But lo and behold, I got paired with a young lady by the nick of Improbable and went on to clinch my first win, nervously and via a few lucky strokes as she fumbled and stumbled and made numerous mistakes in-game.

And that was truly the highlight of the day — meeting a fair young lady, and gaining my first ever victory in a HS Fireside Gathering!

The day soon unfolded, proving that I lacked the mental strength to last 6 rounds, as both me and hamzah ended the day with bad headaches — from viewing on small screen for so long!

Still, what an experience and what a day it was!