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This morning, a Malay AngKong guy (that’s what Bob called him cos he was full of tattoos on his arms and legs) picked a fight with me, but I was too calm to retaliate.

Long story short, I guess he was not prepared to receive my shoulder barge during the NSSL street soccer tourney earlier. He was red hot and fuming, even his teammates were, but I guess I stood firm and the more I ignored him, the more agitated he became. He was red-carded for elbowing me in the follow-up, not once but twice and I’m not sure if I should be happy that I didn’t return the compliments.  

He was super fuming, super mad, super aggressive too. A part of me wanted to give him the return blow or a good tongue lashing but somehow I managed to restrain myself, which I suppose was partly because his blows were likened to being pinched, and I wasn’t hurt enough to retaliate. 

We left the court with that Angkong fella still foul-mouthed and challenging me to meet him outside. Pfft. Childish. My team may have lost the game, but I think we won the psychological side of it.

So yeah, the whole of last week was spent preparing for this tournament and it has been an exhaustive week indeed. And not to mention lacklustre too. Lacklustre as Skopets finally lost a league game. Though i tried to pull the strings, we just couldn’t find the cutting edge to our game last Saturday. I’m beginning to binge on our rueful possession play, short-changed passing and poor ball control.

Losing half the squad to injuries and other commitments, we still had enough for a fight, but I guess we never could deliver it to our opponents who ran all over us. Dejected, regretful, disappointed, wretched and miserable I’m not, but rather I am enlightened by the fact that my team are humans after all — and though humans fall at times, they get back up again, and get ready for the next rumble and tumble that comes.

And after a week of late night trainings, not helped by a surprise Saturday gaming session with non-gamers1 and an early morning Maggie Goreng binging (hmm, I’ve used the word binge twice already now!), I think its ripely time for me to rumble and tumble in lalaland already.  So wish me luck, as I prepare to battle the sea monsters2

Feeling peaceful,

1Sea Monsters:  Lecturers and teachers, though mostly Army Sargeants, would refer to ‘sleeping’, usually during lessons, as fighting sea monsters. 
2Non Gamers: Homo-sapiens who are not used to the keys w-a-s-d for player movements and using the mouse for anything other than opening folders and files. These creatures usually get dizzy and experience pains in the wrist after an hour or 2 of intense gaming action. Definitely non-nocturnals and usually have girlfriends.