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The alarm went off at 3am, powered on the comp and I tidied the blankets and refilled the water container for my cats.

I was a little groggy but I managed to wake up in time for the Liverpool do-or-die game against Lyon.

And that was before I decided to take another 5mins of shuteye.

When I woke, Lyon 1 – Liverpool 1, and it’s 6.15am already, with the computer presumably running all the way since hours ago and the monitor watching me, sleeping, instead.

I wasn’t shocked at the scoreline, but rather of how I managed to miss the game entirely.

Anyway, so Liverpool loss, yet so what?

What is there to be said that hasn’t been said of Liverpool’s unprecedented string of losses?

What is worth criticising when there’s a good explanation for every move that is deemed mistaken?

Call me the ultimate Liverpudlian but all the talk of neutrals calling for Rafa’s head to roll sounds a bit tiresome already. Is there something else to talk about?

Say, Rafa picking the wrong players? Well could it be that he doesn’t have any other players to choose?

Oh, Rafa sold the wrong players? Perhaps it ought to be clarified that the board approved the sale?

Lousy youths? Wait, before you blame the manager, then did you knew that with his latest contract, he is finally able to bring in the coaches that he can work with? Coaches that think and breathe like him, and possibly to avoid a Robbie Keane event?

The club disintegrating already? Far from it. Rafa has finally managed to bring the youth academy directly under his control, get transfers and acquisition with his blessings and plenty more.

Things are finally looking bright for the manager and I dare say at this moment that Liverpool will be right up there, challenging for the title race, with key players racing to get fit towards the middle of the season.

Anyway, right now the only thing that’s disintegrating clearly are the patience of the critics, who so dearly and badly longed for Liverpool, the perenniel EPL underdogs, to take the EPL by storm.

Sadly, that’s not the story we’re reading these days, where every paragraph is strung with little to no patience.

For the records, I too dearly want the Reds to triumph at everything, but analysing the squad this season I’m content enough and realistic enough to judge just how far the team can go.

I’ll repeat myself that the teams is dearly in need of at least another world class footballer, but to label the current crisis as the be all, end all, it’s simply premature.

This is all, but a test of character and strength of the players, whom I believe will rise above all the fracas and critiscism, for before dawn wakes in the horizon, the empty night spreads it’s cold darkness.

And from my perspective, things are finally starting to click, and this is only the beginning of the Rafalution.

Apologies if all these don’t make any sense, ‘cos at 3am in the morning, it’s rather pointless tiring to stay sane. Especially when you’ve just had a meal consisting of a generously sugar coated prata, or roti boom, and a glass of extremely sweet Bandung, the mind runs wild.