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I wish I could run that little bit faster.

I wish I could dribble that little bit quicker.

I wish I could pass the mikasa ball that little bit further.

Even though it’s been almost every weekend that I pump myself up by chasing a 10 inch rubber ball around the green fields with 21 other grown men, I think I’m not conditioning myself well.

The late nights of magic-deck-tuning or dota-rampaging has been punishing my recovery and taxing much of my energy, and there’s one more thingy that I believe that’s turning into quite a significant factor in the decline of my footballing performances.


Stress level.

Okay I’ll admit, that that’s two factors, but my point being that I’ve not been disciplining myself with regards to my body’s recovery.

Especially after pushing my body gruelly for nearly 3 hours of intense workout, that involves accelerating, tackling, getting tackled, jumping like mad men, sprinting 10-15metres every minute or so, jogging continuously and of course there’s that tiny rippling effect of your mind being psyched like a dog on rabids during games.

It’s intense I tell ya, but I know that when the referee blows the final whistle, that it’s just a friendly game, and while my mind is able to recover at speed, sadly my body doesn’t follow suit.

At 29 years old, it’s time that I prepare a regime for myself, or else I won’t replenish what I’ve lost and then not being able to perform optimally come weekends.

Here’s what I plan to do:

Friday: Grab a carb heavy dinner. Minimise oily foods intake. Finish 1/2 bottle of 100plus. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Rest begins at midnight.

Sat: Soccer at 3pm with Skopets FC. Finish 1 bottle of 100 plus. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Grab a carb+protein balanced dinner. Minimise oily food intake Apply Deep Heat before resting at midnight.

Sun: Soccer at 3pm with Goals On Sight FC. Finish 1 bottle of 100 plus. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Grab an extremely protein heavy dinner. Minimise oily food intake Apply Deep Heat before resting at midnight.

Mon: Breakfast to consist of light carbs and light protein. Lunch and dinner to be medium protein and medium carbs and to minimise oily food intake. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Rest at midnight.

For now, I think I’ll plan from Friday to Monday first and see how it’ll turn out.

I’m not even sure if I’m able to strictly keep to this regime, but I’ll try to.

I know that I have to or I won’t be able to pass that little bit further.

Or I won’t dribble that little bit quicker.

Or run that little bit faster.