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Oh wow, what do you know…  I don’t know how qualified or experienced this person who quoted this is, but I can attest at its values and effectiveness. Jack Carroll’s article, The Art of Salesmanship Is the Absence of Salesmanship, is short but concise and it shows the 3 stages of salesmanship that one must master. I quote:

  • Stage 1: The art of salesmanship is showmanship
  • Stage 2:  The art of salesmanship is the concealment of salesmanship
  • Stage 3:  The art of salesmanship is the absence of salesmanship

    You’re welcomed to visit the article to know more as Its redundant for me to repeat it here.

    Well for sure I’ve never been to stage 1,  as I’m not one to showboat or gesture wildly or speak in rhymes and riddles. So I don’t even know which stage I’m at but it sure is a really interesting way to categorise one’s development in salesmanship. 

    I personally know a couple of friends who are direct selling and stuck at stage 1. They keep telling me how hard it is to convince potential clients. Well now you know eh?

    So which stage are you at?