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Sis’s Acer comp, one which I initially got to share with but inadvertently was taken control and overrun by the sisters (hehe) with massive Korean fanboy pics,  was downed by an unexplainable power shortage, and for a week the sisters had to live without a desktop– like can you imagine that!?

No videos of prancing, singing boys, like how could they live without that right?

Well they could, thanks to the Acer’s Aspire One netbook — so life wasn’t that tough after all.

But the desktop still required its fix, so for being the overly concern and caring brother that I could be, I woke up at 8.30am for once ON A SATURDAY (I just had to bold this part didn’t I?), and fetched the unworkable Desktop to Acer’s service centre at Jurong.

I’ve heard and read of the pleasant Acer service experience, but this being my first time sending in a comp for repair, I didn’t really knew what to expect.

I certainly didn’t expect to get out of the service centre in less than 5 mins, granted the Desktop wasn’t serviced until they gave me a quote, but the speed and efficiency of it all is impressive.

There wasn’t anyone at the information counter but as I approached, a young fella greeted me and asked if I wanted to service the machine (like so obvious right?) and then gave me a form to fill up, which I quickly did.

Looking for a service counter was a breeze as all the counters were manned and unlike most outlets of different company, you will definitely see unmanned counters, while the queuing crowd builds up inevitably.

At the counter, I was asked a few questions, and before long they took in the Desktop and the session ended just as quickly.

As a form of goodbye some staffs stood up, clasped both hands and sang me a christmas Jingle as I sheepishly made my way out of the building. Wait, you think this was a christmas carol concert?

That last part about the staff jingling wasn’t true, but the impressive thing is that everything else about Acer’s impeccable customer service is, and for that I like them a lot.

I wonder, will the repair and service quote be to my liking as well?