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No, the bus journey didn’t last a continuous 24 hours but it sure felt like it did, though the night journey towards Terengganu was considerably faster than the coming home trip. 

Did I have fun? Hell yeah! Even though I managed to chalk up a measly 2 minutes of playing time in the tantalising Marang waves. (Marang is the place where our Beach Resort was located at. A pretty much rural area, with lots of Keropok Lekor or Lekor Crackers!) 

I skipped the fun of jumping into the waters on the first day as it was, and which I’ve come to regret at the end, spent taking snapshots of the clear day, and of course before the rain battered the beach.

I took loads of pictures indeed. So when day 2 arrived, I felt compelled to greet the waters, especially as the waves grew, as if beckoning me to jump in.

Jumped in, I did,  but sadly the bigger waves was only a signal for the arrival of the merciless rain, which lasted ALL THE WAY from that morning till the next morning, even after I boarded the bus home and arrived at Johor! What ruthless rain!

Food was so-so, meaning I wasn’t entirely impressed but the calmness surrounding the area sort of provided me with a getaway from my hectic daily schedules, and now that I’m back at the office, I’m missing the peace already.

I’ll probably post a few pictures that I took in my next post, and if ever someone were to ask me ‘Would I go there again?’. Hell yeah! Though I’d probably jump into the waters at first sight, this time round. Heh.