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Where else will an absurd idea of getting your thighs cut when ordering tea crop up, if not when I’m around the D’junkies Steamers? Wait, D’junkies Steamers who?

Back in my NYP days, there’s this group of us who used to stay back after class or come early before class and we’ll just simply chit chat or discuss about ongoing projects. These days, even after our graduation and separate lives, we do gather once in a while for a project or two. Here’s one of the pictures we took after a particular project:

Long Faced

Aaaaaaaah! Project name: Raya outing 2009! Wait a minute, who’s that pulling the long face? Didn’t get any green packets eh? Haha.


Firman's Abode

Ahhhhhh! Here’s a better group picture, taken at Firman’s abode at Tampines. We actually received a treat from his younger brother, who showed us a few magic tricks, which stupedfied most of us, but not Mar and Bangau. His magic tricks were good, and effective but it’s something that I’ve seen countless times, no thanks to Farid who shows me how it’s all being done, but they were good entertainment nevertheless. At least this was something different than the usual Hari Raya house visits.

And this time they managed to give my house a visit, with my sis playing waitress.

My Humble Abode

And she played cameragirl too with this shot, one of many where as usual we acted candid, but Bangau chose to play serious and pose serious instead. ‘Tangkap Hensem’ in front of my sis. Hehehe.

Hari Raya 2009 with D’Junkies, as always, loads of fun and joy. Cheers~!

Aloha CyberCafe

Oh, and of course, no good day is complete without a visit to the cybercafe~ So much for the ‘curfew’~