Megaupload’s demise.

It seemed unreal that a site as popular, as huge, as widely-accepted-by-the-mass-web-users is now… seized and forced to close down by US regulators, and it leaves me wondering what it is that they are regulating.

I might feel inclined to believe that the ones being regulated are the fat wallets and the insane paychecks of the movie producers, and if they’d really wanted to rightfully earn their money, then why spend millions in shows, such as Golden Globes and the Academy as well as obscene movie promotions, where they fly their stars around the world?

In any case, it is sad to see Megaupload go, not least they’ve been misused, and abused by the pirateers, but the thought that millions of simple users like you and me that are affected, and affected by having our paid accounts seized and rendered useless.

Oh man.. and to think that I’ve just resubscribed to another 2 months worth of subscription to watch “How I Met Your Mother” online~


Test your vocabulary.

Isn’t it comforting to know how limited one’s vocab really is?

Initially, after seeing someone I know coming in at 29,000 words, I thought I’d beat the number..


But nooooooo, I came up a little short.

Anyways, what’s yours?

Sometimes you just have to take action and things will click in place.

Not since the former Dragonscage days have I woke earlier than 9am on a Sunday morning.

Heck, I don’t even wake earlier than 9am on weekdays when I go to work, but last Sunday morning, I woke extra early to prepare myself for a unique soccer game.

I woke at 7.30am, and that is indeed newsworthy, for me.

It was my maiden game with Andi’s health sciences lab friends, and no they’re not mice, but they’re rather nice.

They’re a bunch of professors, staff workers, and lab assistants of NUS, and Andi roped me in for the day to help out with the numbers.

It was a really good game, imho, but we lost 12-0! Oh well, it happens some times.

Despite the damning loss, the waking up early thingy and morning exercise seemed to have riled me up for the rest of the day, as I furiously scribbled and doodled on my notebook, the paper and pen kind, and tried to put my thoughts into ink.

Pretty soon, ink turned into punching my keyboards for almost half a day and though the idea have been lingering with me for a few weeks now, I’ve very much procrastinated in taking actions all these while.

Playing Zynga Poker on facebook took much of my time, in previous weeks, and so did distractions like updating of blogs here, here and here.

But that afternoon, that lovely Sunday afternoon, somehow I managed to finish in a day, what I’ve been delaying for weeks. is reborn, and reconstructed after countless massive surgical operations, and I’m actually quite happy with it.


Not so much of trying to promote the site, but more of hustling on the point that whenever you feel like you’re not going anywhere or not producing anything..


Go ahead, take that first step of writing something down, or drawing something up, and who knows what it might lead to.

In fact, I didn’t even plan to finish the website, but merely to conjure more ideas and directions that it can go.

It clicked for me, and I know it’ll click for you too.

So if you feel like you’re stuck, as if there’s nothing going on for you, take action.

Do something, instead of grumbling or whining, and simply challenge yourself to make a difference.

Writing things down on paper, that won’t hurt.

Brainstorming for solutions, that won’t hurt.

Taking little actions, bit by bit and one step at a time, that certainly won’t hurt.

Do you know, if you gave a mouse a really big piece of juicy cheese, how it will finish eating that really big piece of juicy cheese?

One bite at a time.

Sometimes you just have to take little actions and things will click in place.

So, despite losing by a huge margin in that soccer game, I’m sure I gained invaluable new friends and possibly regular Sunday morning games.

Hmmm.. I wonder if they’ll ever need a website.

Dils, Your Blog Don’t Accept Comments Anymore.

After visiting her blog for a while, I didn’t realise that Dils (does anyone calls her by that???) blog has comments disabled, and nothing is cuter than her disclaimer, which is boldly stated on the front page as “If you don’t like what I write, don’t read.”

I love it, that it’s a succinct and beautifully written disclaimer.

Wait, don’t you think I’m pulling any legs cos I do sincerely think that it’s a great, firm, strong move there.

I mean how many times in life do we encounter moments where we’re stuck with people who are simply trying to pull us down or get to us, and where we wish at that point and time that if only there’s a “Disable Speech” button on that person.

I mean blogs are ways and means for anyone, yes anyone to express themselves online, and sadly there are souls who troll around the net, looking for ways to share their acid, as if it’s on overdue.

Well to Dils, kudos on shutting out their voices (um, and mine at the same time, but hey I’ve a blog to express myself anyway. so =p ), that’s a bold one.

I wish I could have a disclaimer like that written on my forehead (there’s ample space anyway..) to warn people of my stand — at work.

Yep, but too bad I can’t do that, unless I think that chasing customers away is a good thing for business.

But sometimes you just have to put a close sign to yourself.

You can’t always accept all customers, because some are simply not worth your time and efforts, and by that I mean in terms of ROI and the value that it brings to you and the company.

Like why support a needy customer, who barely knows what he/she wants and ignore your regular customers at your own peril?

Like just show these needy, uninitiated customers the directions to another place, and they’ll perhaps be better served there.

And in Dils case, of which I certainly digested only the tip of the iceberg, she’s probably better off with less negative energy comments.

Yeah, it works wonders when people are forced to just listen, and unable to talk back — it makes them listen more.

If you’re reading this, hope all’s good. Go get your wings now. = )

Where Have I Been???

I’m quite shocked myself.

I simply haven’t been blogging much here these days.

That I kept coming into this blog’s dashboard, clicking new post, and then finding myself typing a few words (if only to ward off that imminent writer’s block) and finally succumbing to writer’s block.

It’s so hard to really write… stuffs, like coming out with a scam analysis (Zynga_Admin Scam / Bidpax Scam), ¬†movie reviews (‘Probably the longest Avatar review ever‘ comes to mind) and the randoms that pop up every once in a while.

I’ve always been telling myself that to succeed in anything, one has to specialise and really focus onto that particular thing that one is hanging onto, and taking glimpse at this blog, I knew the time had come.

No, I’m not deleting it! Pfft, no where near that, but I’ve just managed to add a few more projects into the mix.

Precisely speaking though, I’m specialising my blogs! *Cue commotion (if any) and random blinks*

Have you seen Temasek Musings? Of course not. It’s not even around last weekend, but it is now. ; )

This is where I’ll probably have a blast in blogging about things that concerns and relates to being a Singaporean. Go ahead, give Temasek Musings a visit and add some pratasss into your life. *Okay so that pratasss was supposed to mimic ‘pizazzzzzz’. You know, a little bit of local flavour lah!*

And then there’s Googooboyy Sees Seethes, which is essentially blogging up my rants.

I know that I’ve a ‘Rants’ category here, but Googooboyy Seethes caters largely to the rants that’s for the sake of ranting for no reason, while over here, I’ll prabably cater to the rants that’s largely for the sake of ranting for at least one reason.

For example, a topic like ‘Jack Neo’s Affairs’ would probably go into a Temasek Musings’ post as ‘Why does a Chee Ko Pek’s actions deserves to be defended by our minister? Aren’t the ones suffering here the hormonally-charged girls who slept with married men?’.

And if really such a topic was to appear in Googooboyy’s Seethe’s post, it’ll probably appear with the title ‘Why not me?? What’s wrong with you girls? That guy’s <insert noun here> used for 50 years liao!

See my point? That topic like that simply has no place in this blog here, but my ‘specialised’ blogs might just cater to it nicely.

So back to the question of where have I been?

Temasek Musings and Googooboyy Seethes.

And no, I’ve not forgotten this lovely place here.

Cya around~

Give Away Of The Day

What’s odourless, intangible yet useful at times and best of all, free? of course, and having stumbled upon this website and used it’s freebies for much too long, I thought maybe it’ll be great if you guys knew about it.

Basically, that site gives away free softwares, they don’t expire and leave any foul smell not do they break down and decompose.

The software given away, read this, are fully licensed and workable out-of-the-box softwares, for anyone to use, anywhere.

You probably won’t find the latest Microsoft Office version, or any Adobe products, and while the software given away (free) aren’t raelly industrial strength, they are quite good and useful in their own rights.

Once in a while, gems (figuratively speaking) will be dropped and if you don’t check it out daily and miss those apps that you really want, then you’ll have to fork some money and purchase them instead.

Remember,’s website’s business model is like a box of chocolates — it’s great, and almost sinful.

Where Can I Buy Mens Tee Shirts Online?

Oh my, thought you’d never ask.


The now defunct MTTBWY has given way to TeeDojo, and I’m actually quite satisfied with everything that’s come out so far, even if I’ve not reaped my first $Million in sales, or even if I never reach that figure at all~

Just seeing that shopfront there, after many hours of labour, it’s just.. wow.

I know, I know, it’s just a small and simple set up, and that there really isn’t that much to look at, but I like it.

And with our government pumping $5.5 Billion into the economy, I’ve barely even scratched the surface of that treasure bag with this.

Now that this project is more or less settling down, time to look for a new one — considering now I have more time ever since Avatar (3D) isn’t showing that much at nearby local theatres.

Yup, I’m still reeling from that movie about cat-like, blue-bodied humanoids that rides on bad-ass birds.

Maybe I’ll start drawing and doodling.


Hmmmmmmnaaaaahh. Maybe I better not. = )

TeeDojo, butt-kicking tees!

Things You Do When You Are Bored

In addition to my previous post, the Fishvatar, I do have a couple of projects currently hanging on the edge off my sleeves, as well as those that have rolled off, fell over after a few mesmerising turns in mid air, and then dropped dead., one of my tee shirt websites, is now defunct, no thanks to an uninspiredly inspiring year of too many projects, all concurrently in operations and the lack of attention given to it.

Much like a child, when presented with a mountain of sweets, that will attempt to pocket everything that he can within his tiny frame and tiny bags, only to succumb to an unrealised joy that is to never taste the sweets ‘cos he’s just too busy collecting them, sifting them apart and wondering what he can do with them.

Never understimate the usefulness of a plan, a schedule or a timeframe/deadline, and even though I had those in place, I never adhered to them and was always distracted elsewhere.

It’s what happens when one tries to launch off the runway too many projects all at once, and especially when resources are limited.

But it’s good when one’s resources are limited and running low, becuase only then will one realise how to maximise their potential and learn to adapt with whatever one’s got.

Perhaps it’s something I’ll never truly grasp or learn fully, ‘cos I’m off to a couple of new projects already, and I’m running low in my tank so fast, so soon. -- Make The Bond (Make The Bond), my latest obescenely overpowering obsession pet project, my fresh inspirations of Avatar, and perhaps everything about it that the show’s message embodies.

Okay, maybe the description ‘everything about it’ isn’t quite right as it’s still in its infancy stages and its content is still building slowly, but the good news is that it’s building still.

And that’s where i realise my past misapprehension of my projects’ undertakings, where I left my daily operations to chance instead of grabbing them by the balls and running around with them. -- Butt Kicking WordPress Hosting

So that is why for this one, I’m definitely grabbing it by its balls, if it had any, and (Butt-Kicking WordPress Hosting) is probably going to take most of my attention for the new year as I try to give it more exposure and mojo than any of my previous projects.

Know anyone who needs web hosting, domain names registration or is simply unhappy with their blogging platform? *Nudge-Nudge*.

Still everytime something new crops up, I ask myself “Why am I painstakingly doing all these, when I can simply sit back, relax, and simply live from paycheck to paycheck forever?”

I suppose, its the joy of creating new opportunities, exploring unknown territories and maybe just to feel the rush of leading through it all makes me tick from day to day, even if it means to sacrifice my time spent with people that I love and cherish — but these are all hedges for future rainy days.

Ultimately, I guess I’m just plain bored of going through the motion of surviving from paycheck to paycheck, and aiming to build something, where (hopefully) the sooner it takes off, the better.

Will it ever take off? I don’t know, but I’ll work at it.

Here’s a quote that I admire for being purposeful and forceful at the same time, and to anyone who’s been sitting on the fence, contemplating a change(s), then hope this will sway you a little bit.

“When taking shots, you may score and you may miss. But for certain, you will miss every shot that you never take.” — Wayne Gretsky.

I don’t think these were the exact words he used, but you’ll understand it just the same, so good luck for your 2010 endeavours!