When you’re waiting for a long time..

..and then this.

A silent tear ran through.

A winceful memory passed by.

Moments like this you yearn to hold onto something.

Or someone.

The music is from Taufik Batisah and it’s called ‘Usah Lepaskan’.

It means, don’t let go.


Sky’s The Limit

I’m embarking on a few clean slates.

It’s been for the past few months now and I’m training myself to work really hard to make things work.

You know how you’re trying really hard to achieve greatness that only you seem to see the path that you’re on, while external forces moan and can never understand nor support your cause?

Well, if your big break has yet to arrive, don’t give up and keep on moving.

So I Came across this 2012 video featuring the song of Taufik Batisah and Rui En, and it felt apt.


Oh, and Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and family.

Need Your Love – The Temper Trap

Now some of you might see this music video and think that it’s just another music video.

And then there are some of us that sees this music video and sees even more..

.. wax in.. wax out.. wax in.. wax out..

The Karate Kid lives in every one of us!

Still Alive

Still alive.. and kicking!

I am! Cheers~!

What really motivates us at home and at work?

Why do we do the things that we do, huh?

Browsing through Youtube and found a little gem here, and that’s some sort of an understatement.

This is something that I really feel is damn worth looking at, especially for people in management, people going into management or people falling out of management.

This is it — the video that you wished you’d seen 10 years ago, which would’ve changed the You today.

Or you could still change yourself 10 years later, or maybe earlier.

Let’s be honest, anyone who’s materialistic will never find enough content to satisfy their desires, but looking at it from the other angle, anyone who’s simplistic will probably never work hard enough to prosper, where in other words it’s called being lazy.

It all really boils down to a few things or factors right?

As suggested by the video and me adding a few factors of mine, it really is about mastery, recognition and contribution.

Mastery – what do you really want to be good at?

Recognition – finding the right people who appreciate what you do, and excelling at it.

Contribution – giving back to the ones who needs a helping hand, more or less akin to paying it forward.

I’m no scientist, sociologist or economist and that’s why I’m pretty sure that there could be a few more factors to be added into this list.

Anyway, did you enjoyed the video with its delightful hand-sketched comics?

I wished I was brilliant enough to draw spontaneously and comically like that, but I know better than to embarass myself with my doodles.

Or would you like to see ’em doodles of mine and start laughing your ass away?

Nah, I’d thought so, and meanwhile, hoped you’d just gained a little piece of newfound knowledge from watching this video here.


Brick, Boring Brick — Paramore’s Hayley Williams dissociates

It’s been a long while since I’ve heard of Paramore and a llittle bit or maybe more, since Riot! in 2007, the band takes on darker foreboding themes.

Brick, Boring Brick talks of dissociation when face with life’s problems and somehow it feels close to me.

Like how when faced with a conflict/trauma, I choose to dissociate personally from the problem and instead work towards the solution, it may seem well and smart, but when you think that dissociation are what Military and Illuminati employs in their bigger Agenda, it gets creepy.

Dissociation has slowly ingrained itself in my veins ever since the setback of a beloved’s passing, and perhaps at the sudden and untimely manner of her passing traumatised me so much that I was vindicated whenever I dissociate.

Is that good?

Now, I feel myself disconnected to problems and troubles, and instead of feeling emotionally drained whenever conflict arises, I’m able to dissociate and move on, or promptly come up with a solution.

Is that good?

Do I not care? Do I not bother? Do I not even feel a pinch?

Is that good?

Actually I do, I care, I bother and I certainly feel the pinch but I won’t brood over it or forget to put cat food in a bowl because of it.

I get up and get things done. I get going and get into action

Time is extremely precious.

Paramore in concertIn this music video, Hayley Williams (Paramore’s lead vocal/keyboardist) faces conflicts and dissociates by transforming her mind into a child that wanders into a castle where bundles of happy thoughts awaits her.

But, as we later finds out, the castle’s smiling portraits and characters turn sinister, sooner or later, and there’s only so much that the child can run away from. In the end she gets buried alive.

Before anyone says what an abusive video, the child burying graphics can actually be taken as the burying of Hayley’s ‘child’ persona that runs away from problems — that she’s burying ‘her’ because she’s facing up to the conflicts and not running away anymore.

Because sometimes, running away won’t solve anything and you’ve got to ‘bury that child’ and face reality.

Dark, dreamy, foreboding video concept, but interesting, thought-provoking and challenging as hell.

Paramore‘s work never fails to tickle my toughts.