Day 7 & 8 (Sat/Sun): The Extended Procrastination.

It was the weekends, what do you expect — once a gamer, always a gamer — and it was only natural~

Sure, I had things that I needed to do, personal admin stuffs and I left it all to the eleventh hour (Monday morning!) to complete.

So I was off for the weekends from work, and I spent it all on Gaming, Soccer and more Gaming!

Mind you, not the casino gaming kind, but the Hearthstone, Magic:The Gathering and Clash of Clan kind!

But first, soccer on Sunday morning, where surprisingly I lasted the whole 90 mins, scoring yet another goal (1 this week, 1 last week), despite sleeping only at 5.30am for 3 good hours of rest.

Why 5.30am? Because me and my Magic buddy playtested the Modern (Magic) format from 7pm till 3am from the night before, while watching Chelsea thrashed Sunderland and Newcastle drawing their games, which is probably the longest period I’ve ever expended playing Magic.

Oh my, the Magic games were intense and furious as my Zombie deck and my buddy’s ‘fair’ decks traded blows, all in the name of practice because we were practising for the upcoming Modern Championships and the events coming up the next day.

Guess what happens when next day came? Yep, we skipped all events and stayed home to do our things instead — me, playing soccer and gaming — so much for the anticipation of those events huh?

I still managed to do my household chores over the weekends. Cleaned the rooms, swept the house, did the laundry, wiped the tables and cleared all thrash. So proud of myself now. *beaming*

But the emptiness that laid bare at every spick and span couldn’t escape me, reminding me that my family are facing sterner challenges on their Umrah trip, than any whines or complaints that I can come up with.

And while I’ve been messaging Sis every now and then, my heart yearns to hear more stories from them.

Indeed it gets lonely once in a while, but I’ve been coping really well by being really busy and I’ve been really, really busy.

Work, Magic, Hearthstone, Stalwart Empire, Stickerdojo, APC, Barneys FC and housechores and I find myself stretching myself to the wee hours every single day, trying to accomplish one of these things.

Next weekend will be a much welcomed weekend as I have decided to ‘clear leave’ starting from Christmas, 25th Dec and will be back at the office only on 2nd Jan.

Now that’s 8 days of rest unlike any that I’ve experienced before, and the only think I fear coming out of it is an extended procrastination of my things to do.


A blonde gets a job as a teacher.

So, a blonde gets a job as a teacher.
She notices a boy in the field standing alone, while all the other kids are running around having fun. She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him.
“You ok?” she says.
“Yes.” he says.
“You can go and play with the other kids you know,” she says.
“It’s best I stay here,” he says.
“Why? says the blonde.
“Because, I’m the f**king goalie!”

I Need..

I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I could turn myself in but I can’t sleep.


The mind wanders, thoughts dissipate and I find myself calculating stuffs that shouldn’t be calculated at 5-6am in the morning, like would it be a good thing if I started an online service where you pay for an item to be sent your way (or another place) and you don’t know what it’s gonna be? These guys beat me to it and I’ve been admiring them since 2 years ago and perhaps this shows that there is a wacky market audience for it?

Well I enjoy drawing, doodling and coloring stuffs and maybe I could do that and plaster them onto EZ-Link stickers for the mass like what I’m currently doing with Stick Anything Lah? (Ahaa, blatant promo here! =P )

Strangely there’s 24hours per day but I just don’t seem to have the luxury of a 2-3 hours stretch that I can spend on exhausting myself creatively, unless I stay awake like today, and that sucks, and I really need to exhaust myself creatively — otherwise all these pent up thoughts and stuffs stays pent up, slowly building itself, gradually turning cancerous. Well, rhetorically speaking of course.


I wanna sleep, but gee, what can you do to sleep huh? I need rest. I don’t know which one’s worse — that I’m neither wide awake or the fact that I’m half drowsy and half suffering the joyous torture of playing soccer with the boys at 1am in the morning.

And they even had the cheek to extend the session till 3am, where naturally I obliged and played along, as if I could knock myself out and sleep till late afternoon. Well I could but that means I’ll be ‘shooting paper aeroplanes’, or ‘bubble bubble’, or ‘NATO-ing’ because…


.. I’ve soccer again in exactly 2 and a half hours later, over at Clementi with the ramshackled bunch of white-and-blue-collared football enthusiasts.

Hmmm.. I’ve no idea what collar I am, cos my work clothes hasn’t a proper collar, but rather a turtle-neck like, zip-collar. Ahh, zip-collared, that’s what I am!

Whatever that means right?


I. Need. Sleep Ipad Zip-Collars Love.

Wish you recover well.

Just like that it snapped, the ankle gave way and positioned itself awkwardly, maybe because he jumped and tried too hard and landed badly, and immediately the players reactions were to gesture for a call — an ambulance.

It arrived duely, not after the unfortunate player had spent 20 odd minutes lying in the middle of the pitch, under the unforgiving hot sun.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you see it, a few guys flanked him and did their best to provide shade as well as fanning a piece of cardboard for air.

And that was how my 2nd game in two days ended, prematurely, and on both occasion, my team conceding 6 goals.

Oh, it sucks badly to lose, but it happens now and then, but the manner of this morning’s loss felt less weary than yesterday’s league game with Skopets FC.

This morning, it was a team, playing for each other and pushing each other, and how miserable it felt yesterday after the team disintegrated and whined internally, cos we were 5-2 up and in control before losing everything in the second half.

That feeling of thinking that everything’s going to be okay, but in the end it’s all screwed up, and its beyond your control, well it’s beyond terrible.

It’s terrible, horrendous and catastrophic when Men gives up, and Skopets FC gave up yesterday.

Ironically, it was a haphazard collection of bunch of uncles and young men from all walks of life and nationalities that enlightened me, during this morning’s game, where even though we were losing, it was a graceful loss.

There were no whining, no finger-pointing, no rush-of blood to the head tackles (unless you count the events that led to the ankle breaking) and it was a fun social game of soccer, the way it was meant to be.

I really don’t know what the future holds for Skopets FC, following this dejection, and I think someone mentioned about us taking a break from soccer, just to straighten out our minds and, hopefully, our team spirit.

If there’s anything that wins or loses games, it is team spirit.

Without the team, there’ll be no spirt and without the spirit, there’s no team.

Oh well, another loss, another knock on the chin, but gotta look forward to the final league game of the season now, and that’s next week.

And I have no idea what I’m gonna be spenind my Saturday afternoons with when it’s over.

Maybe I could write a book.

“What to do when someone breaks an ankle during a soccer game.”

Poor chap. Wish you recover well, and on the bright side, if any, he’ll be getting a lot of MCs.