The Dark Knight Rises: Brief Movie Review by Mar.

IMHO, it just didn’t live up to its hype, and the best scenes of the movie, unfortunately for itself, was the final 15 minutes of its running time, where closure and affability was in generous abundance to its characters.

IMHO, the masked villain and the masked vigilante just didn’t really synergised, perhaps due to both taking on a rather earful slur/slang whenever they spoke, where amusing enough to note was that Bane only had his mouth and nose covered, while Batman’s wasn’t.

IMHO, the movie’s script tried to rush itself in the beginning 30 minutes before settling down into a nice pace in the middle, after which its multiple plots evolved much too quickly for plot cohesion to gain traction, making it seem as if Nolan was trying to cram too much with too little time towards the ending, resulting in a hash-mash of a cliche superhero-comic ending.

IMHO, the brooding, serious and humbling tones of Batman Begins (BB) and The Dark Knight (TDK) was never matched, where I could have easily mistakened The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) to have fallen into the hands of a Michael Bay wanna-be instead — no disrespect to the affable and magical Christopher Nolan, mind you.

IMHO, TDKR could probably have benefited from making it into a 2-part series — the first part being the telling of Bane’s ascension, while the second part being Batman’s, but of course, I’m merely digressing and 2-cents opining.

IMHO, TDKR won’t likely be a classic for most like how Nolan’s previous projects were, but it’s still endowed with plenty of thrill and fill to entertain the masses.

IMHO, I just wished TDKR had spent a tad more screen time to make me love it a little bit more.

^_^___-_- Is how this Harry Potter movie would have looked like on a linear excite-scale-o-meter.

Peaks towards the beginning and somehow levels out towards the end.


I will repeat this later on when I say that it wasn’t awesomely inspiring and nor was it tremendously mind-blowing or grippingly enchanting.

No, not Harry Potter & The Insipidly Photos, but rather Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

Neither was it a delectable sensory treat, one which would make you savour its beauty again and again, unlike its much heralded predecessors whereby there seems to be danger lurking behind each corner and a twist waiting to be unravelled for a startling revelation.

Instead what you’ll get is an introduction to Voldemort’s reign of power for the next installment, and which is also the final release in the series, of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

Yes, if you were aware of my box office misadventure yesterday, where I met up with a movie theatre that was under renovation at Shaw Lido, today I made good after calling up Shaw’s customer service and requested if they would ever be so kind to let me switch yesterday’s tickets for today’s showing.

Yep, same time, same place but a different day, and thanks to a lady named Penny, who works with Shaw, I managed to catch the final blockbuster of my 2010 at NEX, the spankling uber new mall, supposedly the biggest mall in the North Eastern part of Singapore.

It’s huge and magnificient indeed, ┬ásaturated with excitement and bubbling with enthusiasm, and in case you’re wondering, yes I’m still describing the mall and not the movie.

Ok back to the movie.

Perhaps my anxious expectations wasn’t fully met cos the pacing of the movie seemed lethargic, while the action scenes felt contrived and forcefully slotted into the plot in a vain attempt to prevent us viewers from falling under the sleeping curse.

I find that the opening 10 minutes of a movie is almost always the most important moments of any movie, as it sows the vital seeds of any plot, at the same time setting the premise and purpose of the movie itself, and as much as I understand and finds it heartful that our three lovelies (Harry, Ron and Hermione) are made to suffer an altruistic ‘sacrifice’, I don’t think newcomers to the series would understand much, but it’s a scene that I won’t go any deeper than I already have.

It’s just not that engaging enough, i thought to myself as the next integral scene brings us right into some early broomchase action sequences, which ended with one of Ron’s twin brother with a.. wait a minute, I’m not gonna spoil it for ya! Pfft!

So whatever it was, I’d have to say that the opening 10 minutes weren’t as ‘complete’ as it should be and somehow this ‘incompleteness’ seems to be carried forward throughout the movie.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad movie, per se, because it’ll entertain you still, but you somehow get the feeling that this edition is lacking something, like as if you’re watching Muhammad Ali float mesmerisingly in a boxing ring and that infamous ‘sting like a bee’ is nowhere to be seen.

Where we’ve previously been treated with the fight on giant chessboard against giant snakes, battles of life and death against life-sucking dementors, a race against death in a corrupted competition, as well as that memorable battle against Voldermort at the Ministry of Magic, now we’re being discounted with a quick deli-food dight, a skirmish against a polyjuiced (?) python, a footrace against some Snatchers and an escape from captivity by a freelance house-elf that happened to be around, just because.

So it’s kind of a different angle that’s being played by David Yates (Director for the 3rd time), where the focus this time around is on the drama and saga surrounding our three lovelies (H, R & H), and their intricacies and intimacies, but I just wished that there was more screen time for development elsewhere.

Granted, I’ve yet to read the book till this episode, so I might not know that much about the whole storyline.

As I yearn to find out so much more and this without reading tons of pages, I guess I’ll have to somehow try to build up another batch of anxiety and enthusiasm for the final chapter of the series, part 2 f Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, when it comes around.

So did I like the movie?

Of course, and I enjoyed it as well, but without a climax, nor anything that resembles a tenseful build up towards a climax, it does feel incomplete.

And as promised earlier I repeat again, that it wasn’t awesomely inspiring and nor was it tremendously mind-blowing or grippingly enchanting, but I guess it’s a good enough introduction.

And here’s to hoping that Hermione is as sexyummilicious as ever I get my ticketing thingy right and proper, the next time round

3 more days till 1st Jan, but HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!

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She’s Out Of My League – Humourous, Charming, Cute, Ordinary and Honest.

Yikes, another cheesy, hollywood-formulated romcom (romance+comedy) eh?

She's Out Of My League

Pretty girl, a 10/10 there on your left (Alice Eve), falls for geek, a 5 there if you’re able to find him in the pic (Jay Baruchel), while getting over her ex-pilot and successful boyfriend (which you’re probably wondering how he looks like~) — like who’d ever wanna dump a boyfriend who’s a pilot?

Quite a great classic, love story.. not!

But it’s refreshingly entertaining nonetheless, though it could do without some scenes, like the balls-shaving moments~

Um, refreshing because both leads didn’t really have to try too hard to impose themselves on the screen, like Something About Mary or Valentine’s Day, and both leads added the charming factor to this flick.

Okay to the plot now, and without even stepping into the theatres you’d probably already knew how it’s going to end — girl sees boy, finds him interesting, gets to know him, gets over her ex, then ex comes back, girl and boy cools off, then both realises they’re meant for each other, a departing plane gets grounded, and they both kiss in the middle of the waiting area of the airport.

Not exactly pure adrenaline stuffs, nor a script that’s worthy to be called a classic, but then again, it’s not exactly your usual hollywood rebound-guy comedy either.

Okay, unless you count the upsized masculine jokes as Hollywood, then it’s your hollywood comedy, but the inviting direction from an Englishman, Jim Field Smith, in his debut Hollywood feature film, shines plenty of light on the subtle impressions from the leads, who had to work with very little crumbs of a plot to chew on.

The supporting casts were a mixture of over the top and underdeveloped characters, with nothing else but to support the plot and egg the leads on, where a guy finds himself being almost the rebound guy, and the girl finding herself that.. oh wait, nothing much changed on the girl’s part except that the guy made her into a better person.

It is essentially a movie about him believing stoutly that she is of his league, and it’s certainly not original but it’s one that most, including yours truly, can relate to — that thought at the back of your head where you’re not good enough for your partner or that you’re worried that someone with better credentials than you might stroll into their life.

You know, that low self-esteem displacement of not being good enough for someone else, when in fact the only reason anyone is perfect for each other is when they accept that they are?

Perfection is when you accept things for what they are.

Talking of which, when Alice Eve opens up to Jay Baruchel for the ending, saying how he’s ‘perfect’ for her, it wasn’t quite the emotional ride you’d hope for in a romcom, where instead everything here seemed hurried with a quick-fix ending in place.

So how much would I rate the movie?

Nah, I guess I’ll stray away from ratings, and instead I’ll utilise tags to ‘rate’ the movie in question.

Like these: Schoolboy-Humour, Charming, Cute, B-grade, Honest.

I see you, the kiterunner, the unfinished review.

I’m still in the middle of this excellent read, which Belle said made her tears flow.

Disclaimer: She’s a really strong lady, and I’m blown away by the seemingly unquantifiable courage and fight within, such that if there’s anything that can make her tears flow, I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be one helluva book.

And Khaled Hosseini, the author of The Kiterunner, did wrote one helluva book.

It’s so brutally honest, heart-wrenchingly warm, and emotionally gripping – totally a tangent away from the previous fiction book I read, and amusingly enjoyed, Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis.

I swear that I would run out of words to review The Kiterunner, however, if there’s a phrase, thus far, that I’ve learned that best describes the book, and one which she paraphrased to me as well, this is it:

For you, a thousand times.

It’s touching, and I wish I had more time.

Really there should be more than 24 hours to qualify a day’s worth, cos I’m having to do all this blogging thingy in the wee hours, when everyone is sleeping and my thoughts aren’t distracted, or else I’d be able to finish reading it sooner and come up with a complete review.

But reality sinks in and if there’s a phrase I’d like to paraphrase about this book and it’s author, and to you as well (you know who you are), and taken off Avatar’s intimate tagline, this is it:

I See You.

But it’s still unfinished.

There’s a big lake. Everyone says a monster is in it. What would you do?

My Sister’s Keeper, movie review. Not bad, really not bad.

My Sister's Keeper
I’ve watched a couple of movies lately, Clash of The Oh-It’s-So-Good Titans, It’s Complicated, The Men Who Stare At Goats, The Green Zone, and rewatched My Sister’s Keeper again.

These are all really good movies, entertaining in their own rights, and never quite disappointing, but the latter has never failed to move me with every repeat viewings. No I don’t get that same level of experience like when I’m taking on Avatar, but the nostalgic flashbacks that I get of my own first hand experience of living with someone who’s terminally ill, well that’s how My Sister’s Keeper keeps me glued.

Watching the girls’ battle against their mum’s will, seeing how the older brother gets mildly alienated in the process, and how the father keeps up the strong front of trying to keep the family strings together, well in very simple words, it’s all admirable and reinforcefull.

Nevermind that I didn’t quite like Cameron Diaz playing the Mother role and couldn’t really evoke as much eagerness, sadness and force as, say a certain Renee Zellweger or Sandra Bullock, but she did not bad on the whole.

Overall the movie moves back and forth in time and narration of the various leading character leads the shifts and tells you a story of love and release and how a Mother’s love can be strangling, despite all the care and concern — because sometimes, you need to learn how to let go.

In short, My Sister Keeper is a show of how Mother comes to accept her child’s passing, only during her dying moments, not without a purposefully court scenes just to show her so.

The thing about this movie is that I loved the strengths and weakness of each characters, and particular the understanding and accomodating nature of the Father’s character. Comparing from an Asian context, I wonder how many Asian fathers would react like how Jason Patric did. It’s simply and admirably charming.

So go ahead, if you’ve yet to watch a sappy lovely drama of family strengths and acceptance, go give My Sister’s Keeper a chance and who knows, maybe you’ll find your own strengths and weakness and learn to embrace them as well.

Now that’s not a bad thing right?

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