Rafa Benitez must finish what he has started.

Overheard from A Red Thing: Benitez should stay on and finish what he has began, and this is a message to all you fairweather *sic* ‘fans’.

… fans of a club support it through thick and thin, because at this moment these vocal fans who ask for the axe sound more like disgruntled shareholders, except they don’t own any shares…

… one of the main reason that Torres’ full potential is nearly unleashed, that Gerrard decided to stay when Chelsea courted him, and that the mere mention of ‘Liverpool’ in Europe meant a team that’s never to be discounted…

… Liverpool have over the years proven how strong they are when they go into the second half and especially when their backs are against the wall…

And maybe I might add just how myopic these fans are who are simply impatient for the silverware, and don’t they know that success is sweeter the longer it takes and the harder it gets? Maybe I’m too optimistic, but at the very least, I’m the least bit pessimistic — and Pessimists never gets anything done and never achieve anything that they want, because they tell themselves that it’s impossible. I just happen to think that in life, anything is possible.

Likened to an Intention Manifestation Model thingy, but just that much more simpler, believe you can, and you will, but believe you can’t, and you won’t.

My message to Rafa Benitez, if he’s by a one in a Billion chance that he’s reading this, well, you’ll never walk alone. It’s a Red thing.

The Leave Rafa Alone Campaign Has Begun.

In Rafa we foolishly steadfastly trust.

Leave Rafa Alone Campaign.

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Something’s Wrong At Anfield, There’s A Dearth Of Criticism!

Is it just me or is has the well of criticism gone dry?

Only 1 or 2 weeks back, immediately after the draw against Stoke City, we were under attack from all angles, from all corners of the web.

It seemed inevitable that Rafa Benitez was heading towards Juventus, for a new lease of life and for, arguably, a decent amount of respect too.

But Benitez never walks away from a battle, he never backs out, and as his usual calm, assertive and witty self, speculations of his future are brushed off and forgotten.

He’s just signed a 5 year contract, overhauled his backroom staff, realigned the youth academy, and in stout belief of his players, so why would he…. [Read more @ A Red Thing].

53,000 Years Later And Liverpool Still Chasing Their 19th Title.

And I’ve just made my million dollars. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about the unfathomable and almost always blameless Rafa Benitez.

Rafa Benitez

Someone at work pointed out to me that there are great managers and then there are managers that blame others, and Rafa is one of those that finger points often. According to this guy, everytime Liverpool suffers a setback, he refuses to take the blame of perhaps using the wrong tactics or personnel, but rather choose to deflect the attention towards a pair of squabbling owners who don’t give him enough spare change to play with.

And that is exactly what Rafa has been doing eh? I don’t know. My guy at work points me to example like how Rafa wastefully and excessively purchase unproven youngsters, most prominently players like Lucas and Babel who’ve been warming the seats for too many games and staying cold on the pitch for just as many games.

And then he also points at how Rafa approaches a game and comments on the predominantly defensive tactics of the Liverpool manager, and the cautious approach that he brings to the team, which in turns leads to an over-reliance over burnt-out players like Torres and Gerrard.

Of course, naturally being a Reds fan, I oppose and counter his every allegations, but one allegation I failed to counter was why he brought in an injured player for nearly 20million? Alberto Aquilani has yet to even grace the substitute bench, and as excited as I am in watching what he brings to the team, I’m quite sceptic as to his abilities as well.

First off, he’s Italian, and Italians are never known for their creativity nor flair. They’re naturally good at headers or getting a headbuttm especially from certain Frenchmen.

Second off, he’s young. 22years of football experience, unproven at the world stage and Rafa gambles on this prodigy as a replacement for Alonso.

Thirdly, why didn’t he spend that amount on David Silva or David Villa!?!?!?

These are probably reasons as to why that guy at work thinks Rafa is a douchebag, which is against my sentiments, but he does carry some vital points in his arguements.

So this season’s Championship may appear to be slowly and painfully escaping Liverpool’s grasps, but I hope I don’t have to wait 53,000 years to see Liverpool lift their 19th Championship title, ‘cos I’m still willing to wait till next year.

Heh, the ever so typical Liverpudlian eh? Full of patience… and loads of loyalty!