The transcendence.

I play a lot of games and make myself busy to distract myself, as well as to ‘let looose‘, so to speak, and the thought of ‘why do i game so much when there’s so many other things that I can do?‘ lurks inadvertently.

Actually, I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately — not that I’ve not had much thoughts or haven’t been thinking much! — and it’s getting to a point where the expansiveness of it all sorts of numbs me.

That’s right, I get numb thinking about thinking. Hoah? You know, I confuse myself at times too..

Sometimes I think if I should simply wing it and go for broke while there are times where I wonder if it’s better that I play it safe and do what I do best. That comes to my next thought of ‘Really, just what is it that I do best?‘.

Good question, but unfortunately it is one that I’ve haven’t placed much thoughts to, more importantly perhaps not as much as ‘how do I start creating that killer iphone app?’ or ‘why i that black BMW car driving in 2 lanes simultaneously?’.

My point is, quite simply, that I think I frivolously spend time thinking about things that aren’t quite ‘soup questions’, where ‘soup questions’ are questions that you ask which enables you the opportunity to put a bowl of soup in front of you, on your dining table, someday.

It’s so easy to admit that I’m guilty of trying to get too many things done at break-neck pace, while desperately having to keep track of things to maintain and grow. It’s even easier to say that I’m easily attracted to new opportunities and events, and that’s why, since the past year or so, I have this personal motto of ‘eat only what you can while give as much, maybe more, of what you desire‘.

Backtracking, to my earlier thought of ‘Really, just what is it that I do best?’. I’m slowly realising that I’m best used as a thinker instead of a do-er, and as *koff* brilliant *koff* as I am as a do-er, I think I’ve arrived at a period in life whereby I really really need to do a lot less, and give (ideas) a lot more.

Fortunately I’m being given this opportunity at the office, and am glad that myself and everyone around me is helping me transcend nicely into this new role I’m playing, and I can’t deny that I’m loving every minute of it.

Still, I can’t help myself but to continue asking myself, “What can I do next?“, of which I’d then get a plethora of suggestions and ideas flood my naked brain, filling me with mental dementia and derisory contempt.

Of which I’ll then transcend into a game of DoTA or <insert-game-here>.

And the vicious cycle resumes…

The International

If there’s anyone that’s trying to stop you from becoming a professional gamer..


… ask them, is there really 1 Million reason to not start playing professionally???

After acquiring the trademark of DoTA, at the violent objection of millions of players worldwide, Valve has finally, and successfully, whetted the apetite of avid DoTA fans, like me, with this scrumptuous tournament, to be held during Gamescon in germany.

Finally, a reason for me to quit my job and play professionally.

Just kidding.. hehe.. I won’t ragequit my dayjob just like that! .. yet.. cos I love what, why and how I do what I do so winning a $1 Million dollar eSport prize money is still my pipedream.

Oh, but I won’t stop dreaming about it.

What about you? Would you like to have $1 Million dollars, just by playing games?

Minecraft (Alpha): A quick introduction into a simple world of pixels and blocks.

What’s the hottest craze that’s hitting gamers all around the world and made one programmer seriously swimming in a paradise of Euros (and starting his very own gaming studio with all that cash~)?


The graphics are pixelated and rudimentary, the polygon counts are atrocious and without a mission or aim within the gameplay, what makes this game so special (and it’s creator so bloody rich)?

Let’s see..

Or say, if you’re a fan of Inception, here’s an Inception-inspired teaser..

Rudimentary and kiddish, I know, but there’s definitely a kid in all of us that’s waiting to be unleashed on a sandbox of infinite possibilities.

Indeed that there’s no mission or anything to be accomplished to ‘end’ the game, because there really isn’t an end to the gameworld of Minecraft.

Think of it like The Sims, an open world, except you don’t age (but you do get to possibly die when the bad guys come after you~).

As of this post, there’s just over 600,000 purchases for the game, which makes the creator, Markus Persson, richer by more than 6 Million (Dollars/Euros/Rupees?.. who cares~) ever since the game launched (for free back then) on 10th May 2009.

Talk about an indie developer’s success story, and those figures sure beat being an iphone or ipad developer, cos Markus nets every single dime of every purchase of his simple game — he built it himself, market it himself and sold the game himself.

A cool profit margin of 100%, but is it really that simple?

Gamers have built massive stuffs including computer hacks, a starship enterprise, you could join a multiplayer and build megacities like these, or if you’re an artist, then pixel art like these should make you wet.

Yes it is that simple, and almost like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, the game is very simple, but it’s the people that makes it go beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Of course games like Minecraft won’t put the big boys like Valve and Blizzard into bankruptcy, but hey, at least it’s making them notice that in an age where technology pushes you to go into a race for the best graphics cards, it really is all about the gaming experience after all.

The two trailers should sufficely show you what the game is all about, and if you’re still clueless, then play the free version (Minecraft Classic) for yourself and see how it goes.

Or you could purchase Minecraft Alpha (50% off at the moment) and see what the fuss is all about, plus it won’t hurt to support a fellow indie developer right?

Minecraft, the best thing since slice bread.

Hmmm, time to go back into my mining world and slash some zombies, meanwhile I’ll see you in your world eh?

Evony. Not ebony.

What’s ebony? Don’t know, don’t care.

But I’ll tell you more about Evony, the MMORTS game, or in it’s long form, Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game.

Long story short, it’s an open ended real time strategy or RTS game based in the medievil era, with an almost zero boundaries and, limited only by your capacity to manage your resources, tests your capacity in managing limited resources! Heh.

The best part about this game is that, yes wait for it — wait a little more, just a little more — okay here it is, is that all you need is an internet browser and it’s free! This means that you can play it anywhere (at work? in school?), anytime (while lunching at macdonalds?)!

Now, if only my beloved Championshop Manager was something like this. Oh wait, there is already something called Hattrick, another MMORTS sports game, that ‘mimic’s the day to day routine of a football/soccer manager and is open ended (i.e there’s no ending or server resets, just like Evony).

Starting with nothing but a few meagre resources and a town hall, much alike to a game of Warcraft, you will gradually build up your town infrastructures as well as amassing your all-conquering armada. All this amidst scouring for new lands and defending against any possible invasions.

Sounds fun?  Plays way better. Don’t tell my boss but I even play the game while working. All I need is a few seconds of attention every 10-15 minutes or so to check on which building are completed or which academics are researched. A slot to resume construction or forage outside your castles means more waiting time, so Evony’s game engine kind of fits me and my working pace, where I attend to customers, phonecalls and trip to the kopitiam, to get Vitasoys,  at intervals.

I’ve always been a fan of RTS games, starting out with the Sims games and my all time favourite, X-Com, and Evony’s resource management system has felt like home ever since I started playing.

Better still, when I’m at home, I get to PLAY and BLOG at the same time! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone? I’m game for it!

So what do I think of Evony? It’s massive yet simple, complex yet fun, engaging and even free! What more can I ask for in a game?

Yosh! Join me and my alliance now by going to this registration page:!

Support me — world domination awaits! Gaaaaah!!!!