Browser Wars..

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Browser Wars

So true.. so true..


He’s a bandit, he’s a rogue thief and he’s self-absorbed.

He’s not royalty, he’s not an upstanding citizen of the kingdom, but he does have goodness in him — who is he?

Flynn Rider, of course, of Disney’s 50th animated feature film, Tangled, or some might affectionately refer to it as Rapunzel.

With an estimated cool budget of US$260Million, it also happens to be Disney’s most expensive animated film ever — and, after spending one of the best two hours of my life in recent weeks in a packed theatre full of animation nerds, I’m glad they spent it building a world that’s gorgeous, smooth and lush.

Tangled - Maximus the horse and Rapunzel.

She tames the beast.

It is a technical achievement in 3D animation that’s worth watching over and over and over again, as hair, cloth and rushing water flows like the way they should, while the textures, models and characters are brilliantly executed.

Rapunzel, I mean, Tangled is an animation masterpiece to behold where the only gripe that I have from watching it, earlier today, is that it wasn’t in Real 3D.

Oh how a magnum opus this movie, supposedly Disney’s final ever movie revolving around a Princess, would have truly been, especially during the wondrous-emotional-home-coming-lantern-boat scene, had I been invited to watch it in 3D by Irfan.

Still 2D never disappointed as the colours are brighter and richer than their 3D counterpart, so I’m not really complaining.

But what’s to complain when the story rarely lags from it’s teasing opening sequences, melodramatic plot-starters and incessant comedic moments?

Pascal - Tangled - 50th Animated Feature Film of Disney

Pascal deep in thoughts.

From Pascal, a chamelon that acts as Rapunzel’s advisor, to Maximus, a horse that’s bent on arresting Flynn and yet with a heart to help him in the end (thanks to Rapunzel’s eggings), the movie is a loaded barrel of laughter that’s long been missing from Disney films of late — no, make that of recent animated movies in your memory.

Megamind, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3 — sure they were funny, but Tangle’s hilarity is in a league of it’s own, and experiencing it can be likened to watching Dory and Nemo’s Father for the first time. (Note: I’d have said Marlin instead of Nemo’s Father, but I doubt that many will remember Marlin huh?~)

Tangled is solidly paced, enchantingly animated and endearingly engaging, and there’s really not a moment that passes by without you getting a pleasant surprise and longing for more of the comical tension and burly exchanges of Maximus, a horse that doesn’t talk but wears the heart of a proud dog, and Flynn.

Maximus And Flynn

What smells?

Also, it’s hard not to fall for the two leads — Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, and Flynn, voiced by Zachary Levi — even when the hero is as rogue as he can be or when the heroine is as stubborn as she can be, because you can’t help but root for Rapunzel as she falls back into her ‘fake’ mother’s lap time and time again, as she (fake mother) conceives and deceives her.

Wait — I hear some of you say what’s a guy watching a show about a kidnapped Princess who lives in a hidden tower?

Actually, it’s quite manly and rugged, and that’s why the movie was aptly titled ‘Tangled’ and strewn with plenty of action sequences and macholy chaotic musical scenes.

Make no mistake, this is not your typical princess story (which I happen to read a lot of when I was still a child~ but of course I’m not going to tell you I’m still reading them now, am I? Na-uh~) with a happy ending, but rather this is a story of a little girl’s growing up adventure which is quite manly and rugged, mind you.

Lantern Scene - Tangled

What happens if I get my dream?

It doesn’t take much to appreciate the soft touch given to the movie’s plotlines and subtle messages, where as always Disney excels with that subliminal nuances of morality and the wisdom of growing up.

I oh-so loved the lantern-boat scene, if only it’s because Rapunzel realises that this is it, the moment that her dream might come true, where she finally gets to see with her very own eyes the stars that float on the eve of her birthday, and then when she asks what might happen when this dream of hers is realised, Flynn tells her aptly “And then you look for another dream.

Tangled Teaser Poster

Oel 'Ngati Kameie -- I see you.

Awwwww… Just what would we be without dreams?

A rock.

Or something that’s lifeless and pointless I guess, but if you still hadn’t figure out your own dreams, then join Rapunzel and Flynn in theirs, and I’ll bet that if you ’empty your cup’ off Princess movies before watching this, then you’d be greatly impressed by the impeccable, tight, juggernaut of a Disney movie.

I know I was.

My friends were too, heck even the whole theatre was too — judging by the raucous applause (twice it went off) as the movie ended.

You know what?

I’m pretty sure that the last time I felt this great about a movie was when I watched a certain Blue Cat-like Alien movie, which was a year ago and I guess it’s been long time coming!

Well, if you think that this is going to be another cheesy Disney Princess movie, it’s not — there’s too much goodness in this for it to sour at all.

See what I did there? Plus I guess this much critics can’t be mistaken uh?

Rotten Tomato - Tangled Reviews

Even Avatar lost in ratings!

Funniest Stuffs From YouTube And Its Not Viacom’s.

A couple of guys were having dinner, shot some videos and wanted to share with their friends, but there just wasn’t any easy way to do that back in 2005!

There wasn’t file sharing services, email was still slow and tedious while embedding quicktime movies onto a website is just hazardous.

Indeed they came up with a solution to solve their much personal problem of ‘difficulty in sharing videos over the internet’ back then, which today is known as… yep, you’ve guessed it ‘YouTube’.

And those guys are millionaires and they no longer operate from the second floor, above a Japanese restaurant.

It’s amazing when you stick your head to solving problems, instead of deflecting or evading them.

So Youtube has come a long way and still intent on going further, especially with its latest ‘Google TV’ or something like that, which I’d like to think of as a ‘Specialised mature iPad with a singular intent in entertainment’, and I think if that joint project with Sony pays off, Apple Inc’s probably  gonna go the same way with their Apple TV.

Oh wait, they’re already doing it with an apple tv, or at least something similar in providing search-tv.

Yep, search-tv (goodbye pay-per-view tv).

Anyway, everytime I go on youtube I’m always searching for movie clips to humor me for the day, and lately I’ve found a couple of gems, and they never fail to tickle my funny bone.

Ever heard of Human Giant, and Balloon Shop? <– They’re linked to what I think may be their funniest load on the net, and quite possibly, the some of the funniest refined comedy online.

Oh, and funny enough, that Viacom lawsuit against Google’s Youtube is quite frankly turning into one of those funniest and silliest lawsuit ever.

Viacom’s never gonna win that. Not when they themselves use youtube, or maybe they just want the publicity. Oh wait, dont they already own major publishing outlets?

Oh well, Let’s go!

Zynga Poker Phishing Scam, Too Cute.

Gee, when is a scam ever cute?

Zynga Phisher

Actually, never, but when it’s a 13year old kiddo that’s having a major Schizophrenia attack, who simply can’t decide if he want’s to be an Englishman or a Frenchman, it’s surely cute as a pie.

Only 13year olds, learned in the art of texting, will apply such slang and blasphemous language, while phishing, upon the blob of ADHD-overloaded working adults, that is facebook users, and start phishing.

For the uninitiated, phishing is when someone, or some site, imitates 99% of another legitimate site and makes you go through the (pretentious) usual username+password login thingy, only to steal that info and then dump you into a dummy website, where if you’re lucky, videos of Obama Vin Diesel are on incessant reruns.

If you’re unlucky, they just steal your username+password, your credit card details, your personal addresses, your baby photos, your list of most visited porn sites and then send these information to a scam ring in Nigeria, and you wouldn’t want that to happen right?

Like who’d want their list of porn sites to be stolen? (In any case, I’ll show my favourite here, so there’s no need to steal them from me anymore.)

So I enjoy playing Zynga Poker on Facebook a lot, and it’s taught me plenty of life applicable lessons as well, especially in the summarised context of when to hold your cards, and when to fold your cards.

Btw since Zynga Poker utilises virtual currency, there’s no real money involved, so I’ll consider myself vindicated of any gambling accusations, and gambling is bad for you — IF you’re a lousy gambler that is, because gambling is a skill and luck is only temporary.

Anyway, back to this phishing scam thingy, it’s applaudable that there was effort to think of coming up with a username like ‘Zynga Admin’ or an appname like ‘Texasholdem_center’, but at the same time, it’s laughable that its sales’ pitch was badly translated.

That’s what you get from outsourcing your copywriting materials to your cousins eh?

And using the title ‘Final Warning’ when this is the first (fake) warning that i’m receiving from the phisher, it just don’t add up.

Though the scammer did one thing right, that is to provide a time frame for facebook (dumb) users to react and proceed to the phishing site or app, 24hours is simply too short a time.

Like what if people genuinely forgot about it and missed the deadline, and when they don’t get kicked out of the game, won’t they realise that your threat is simply, for the lack of a better words (and it rhymed, a little), full of crap.

AND you know what makes this scam an even bigger sham? That the scammer is phishing a virtual gambling game, which uses virtual currency with which you’re only able to buy virtual drinks and snacks for your virtual friends.

Maybe the phisher could share a thing or two from these real(ly) dumb criminals.

Music Video: OK GO, This too shall pass.

Do you remember your very first introduction into the music video world?

No? Well neither do I.

It’s hit us as common as news of John Terry vs Wayne Bridge, and as often as how fake Tiger Woods press conference of an apology was, and pretty soon everything gets old.

And then something like this crops up and makes you go, “Ooh, I gotta watch it again. Replay!”

OK GO, had one of the most viral music videos, apart from Risk Astley’s tunes, with their treadmill mtv, and they sure didn’t do anything wrong with this one.

And with EMI not even pulling the plug (preventing youtube embeds of it’s mtvs on sites like mine here), rejoice!

I like this video. I really do, and not since a long time have I liked a music video for its cleverness, and this is a really clever video.

Clever not in a rocket science manner, but clever in its execution and direction.

OK Go’s music may yet to earn them any grammys, but hey, their videos are uber cool~!

I wonder how long it took to prepare for the props?

Long Time Coming

No thanks to a hectic week of exhibitions and the usual changes of adverts, I’d like to visit Hell for a little bit of R&R now.

And have I shared my BBQ pics yet? Of course not.

But I’m sharing these gems:

Dear Apple 1

As if punching the keys on a 17inch Macbook Pro isn’t enough, I’d like that 32inch monster please.

Dear Apple 2

Actually, for about a little bit more than an iPhone, you’re getting more than twice the processing power, about quadruple the screen estate, and an endless barrage of jealous onlookers, because they cannot swipe their netbooks and laptop while browsing websites/photos, while you can.

Okay, so the iPad can’t make calls or take photos, but it’s essentially an iPod touch on steriods.

And it’s thinner and lighter than your netbook.

It lasts longer than your netbook.

It loads and shutsdown faster than your netbook.

And best of all, to all those complaining it can’t run conventional OS and apps, it doesn’t have viruses and malware like your netbooks.

Period. (No puns intended.)

My A geek’s dream come true.

AVATAR: Hitler Learned The Movie Sucked (Funny)

In the words of one of RDA’s gun-totting guy during the opening few minutes of the Avatar movie, “That is just so wrroh-ong!”.

You wouldn’t want to enrage the man like this:

LMAOSFSVVFLLL!!! (Translation: Laughing My Ass Off So Funny So Very Very Funny La La La!!!)

One Helluva Ride!

They are the best navigators of this small country.

You’ve read about them, you’ve probably been in close contact with some of them, in fact some of you may even be related to them. Interestingly we tend to complaint about them quite often too.

No, they’re not the government, far from it, so who can they be?

Taxi Drivers! Who else?

Love them or hate them, they’re here to serve us and serve us they will — but what if you happen to meet this particular driver from hell!? Watch on as the action intensifies towards the end.

Not quite a roller coaster ride and not quite your pleasant ride home either — but definitely one hell of a ride!

I want one!!!