Minecraft (Alpha): A quick introduction into a simple world of pixels and blocks.

What’s the hottest craze that’s hitting gamers all around the world and made one programmer seriously swimming in a paradise of Euros (and starting his very own gaming studio with all that cash~)?


The graphics are pixelated and rudimentary, the polygon counts are atrocious and without a mission or aim within the gameplay, what makes this game so special (and it’s creator so bloody rich)?

Let’s see..

Or say, if you’re a fan of Inception, here’s an Inception-inspired teaser..

Rudimentary and kiddish, I know, but there’s definitely a kid in all of us that’s waiting to be unleashed on a sandbox of infinite possibilities.

Indeed that there’s no mission or anything to be accomplished to ‘end’ the game, because there really isn’t an end to the gameworld of Minecraft.

Think of it like The Sims, an open world, except you don’t age (but you do get to possibly die when the bad guys come after you~).

As of this post, there’s just over 600,000 purchases for the game, which makes the creator, Markus Persson, richer by more than 6 Million (Dollars/Euros/Rupees?.. who cares~) ever since the game launched (for free back then) on 10th May 2009.

Talk about an indie developer’s success story, and those figures sure beat being an iphone or ipad developer, cos Markus nets every single dime of every purchase of his simple game — he built it himself, market it himself and sold the game himself.

A cool profit margin of 100%, but is it really that simple?

Gamers have built massive stuffs including computer hacks, a starship enterprise, you could join a multiplayer and build megacities like these, or if you’re an artist, then pixel art like these should make you wet.

Yes it is that simple, and almost like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, the game is very simple, but it’s the people that makes it go beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Of course games like Minecraft won’t put the big boys like Valve and Blizzard into bankruptcy, but hey, at least it’s making them notice that in an age where technology pushes you to go into a race for the best graphics cards, it really is all about the gaming experience after all.

The two trailers should sufficely show you what the game is all about, and if you’re still clueless, then play the free version (Minecraft Classic) for yourself and see how it goes.

Or you could purchase Minecraft Alpha (50% off at the moment) and see what the fuss is all about, plus it won’t hurt to support a fellow indie developer right?

Minecraft, the best thing since slice bread.

Hmmm, time to go back into my mining world and slash some zombies, meanwhile I’ll see you in your world eh?

The overdue world cup post.

Is $90 too much to be paying for entertainment, especially for an event that’s held once every 4 years, 31 days long and, if you really bothered to count it up, 5,760 minutes of the beautiful game.

That’s about 1.56 cents per minute, costs less than your per minute billing, and certainly affordable right?

Well apparently not if you’re among the masses that thinks Singtel+Starhub are overcharging their customers this time round and persistently calling out for a boycott of their package.

And I’m one of them, though not as vocal nor aggressive though.

I simply wasn’t that interested in catching the games live (think: no Ronaldo (the Brazilian), no Zidane, no Nedved, no Owen..) and the price tag certainly made my decision easier.

In any case, I think the Pareto (80/20) rule is at work here, where they (licensed operators) probably think that instead of serving 80 people and earn, say $100, why not serve 20 people and still earn that same amount — at the same time using less resource, thus having the ability to ‘up’ the quality of their service.

When you serve a smaller quantity, and charge them a premium, you’re able to focus your service and maintain quality at the same time.

Something which I’ve been trying, but failed, to pass onto my colleagues at the office, who are determined to serve everyone, everytime.

Well you just can’t please everyone, everytime right?

At least not with the resources that we have at hand.

Anyway, this is a post about the World Cup, and, for the records, I am extremely excited, but just not fancied yet, about it.

Yes, it’s about the World Cup 2010, held somewhere at the tip of the African continent, and I think there’s still a misconception that South Africa is somewhere on the level of the third world countries of the same continent, but the country is actually well developed, in a way.

I used to order my tees from the South African tee outfit, Springleap — they were really good looking tees too!

Just an example of how South Africans are quite resourceful these days, other than the fact that they didn’t charge me for global shipping since they didn’t really knew how much it’d cost them then!

That’s why Aliens gave them a visit and got stranded and ostracised, to capture the technology there.

And it’s this technology that has enabled me to catch the World Cup 2010 for free!

I’m not really obliged to be listing any of these free ‘resources’ within this blog, so contact me if you need some heads up, but you’d already knew that Googling ‘World Cup 2010 Live Free’ could probably help you in your quest.


So $90 saved for me, or rather one which could have been used to pay off my LTA bike fine, but unfortunately (depending on how you look at it~) was siphoned towards a new pair of..

Adidas Predator Powerswerve FG

… Adidas Predator Power Swerve FG cleats.

My curent Adipure has served me well, and I was absolutely looking forward to a new pair of Adipure II cleants, but the PowerSweve FG was simply too delicious to be resisted.

And I get tempted easily — it’s Adidas after all — but it was all worth it.

Beautiful, clean, sleek and thoroughly comfortable, and when I told a friend about it, he quipped, as he usually does.

(Him) “Wah, World Cup start already so must watch at home and put on these boots is it?”

(Me) -.-”

Nevertheless, some things are just worth paying for, but $90 to view the World Cup isn’t one of them.

Btw, is it just me or does Nike seem to have held some sort of mass discounted cleats sale and almost 90% of the players are donning these Orange-Grey cleats, making them look cheap along the way???

Oh, Lionel Messi dons the Adizero. Powerful stuffs.

Give Away Of The Day

What’s odourless, intangible yet useful at times and best of all, free?

GiveAwayOfTheDay.com of course, and having stumbled upon this website and used it’s freebies for much too long, I thought maybe it’ll be great if you guys knew about it.

Basically, that site gives away free softwares, they don’t expire and leave any foul smell not do they break down and decompose.

The software given away, read this, are fully licensed and workable out-of-the-box softwares, for anyone to use, anywhere.

You probably won’t find the latest Microsoft Office version, or any Adobe products, and while the software given away (free) aren’t raelly industrial strength, they are quite good and useful in their own rights.

Once in a while, gems (figuratively speaking) will be dropped and if you don’t check it out daily and miss those apps that you really want, then you’ll have to fork some money and purchase them instead.

Remember, GiveAwayOfTheDay.com’s website’s business model is like a box of chocolates — it’s great, and almost sinful.

Download Your 2010 Calendar Here

December used to be the month when you will be on the receiving end of countless free desktop calenders, which you can doodle with.

However that may cease to continue as ST reports of corporations cutting costs by limiting its wave of corporate calendars and diaries for the year.

What a calendar, I mean disaster! But really, what could we do if we cannot use our red markers to circle out our leave dates and append appointment memos onto our favourite desktop calendars, even if we don’t actually refer back to them?

Like where else would we doodle during our free time in the office?

Or where else could we quickly write down that phone number we just received while talking on the phone?

2012’s Apocalypse came tad too early? Worry not, Mar to the rescue.

Free 2010 Calendars people!

I know, that working in a printshop myself, I could probably print them but hey, with all those climate change talks in Copenhagen still ongoing and now well into their second week already, let’s save some trees eh?

So instead of Facebooking my time away with games or apps, here’s a little something in the spirit of giving, just because.

2010 Calendars from Blog.mar.sg

Rest assured the 2010 Calendars are very much printable quality (A5 size)  and you can download them freely:

  • Nailed – download253kb (right click + save as)
  • Ohai Cat – download 219kb (right click + save as)
  • Brushed Metal- download 230kb (right click + save as)
  • Seaweed- download 175kb (right click + save as)

I think I’m gonna do more, perhaps explore a few more colour ranges, within the next few days.

Thanks to 123rf.com and their royalty free images, I’m able to work with a huge list of free images without worrying about infringing any copyrights.


Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

Shhhhh! Are you watching porn at work? Ish ish ish. Think noone is watching you.


Wallpaper Cat

If you’ve got my wallpaper cat who is watching your every move here!

I’m not placing any copyrights or signature or whatever it is to protect it, so use it at your own free will.

I guess I’m too free at times,thus I couldn’t resist creating this off another wallpaper downloaded from the net.

This is how the original looked like:


I can’t remember where I downloaded this free wallpaper from, but thanks to the creator, it got me some photoshop juice going and that’s how the whole wallpaper cat is watching you got started, and if you want the original wallpaper, here it is.

I love cats.

And wallpapers.