Early termination isn’t always so bad huh?

Detracting a little from losses and saddening events, which includes the recent slump of my LFC that prompted my little hiatus from my football blog, A Red Thing, perhaps it was fitting that Liverpool’s first victory in 5 years was in coincidence with my discovery that I’ve got a subscription with Singtel’s MIO tv all these while!

I don’t even remember if I ever did continued signing up for it, nor penning anything but I guess that I must have done r signed something because apparently I wasn’t able to terminate it without an early termination fee being incurred, so it had to be a part of a contract plan or something.

My MIO thingy wasn’t setup, so I thought why even keep the subscription going on right?

Might as well go for an early termination and save a wee bit more over the long run right?

Fortunately, I took the time to get the MIO TV setup up and running, and boy was I rewarded gratuitiously with my first EPL viewing.

Oh, btw, Liverpool actually hasn’t won a game in 5 games, not 5 years.

In case you’re wondering that dig was meant for our ex-manager, dear Roy Hodgson.

Oh, and I hope you’re basking with joy somewhere, somehow with that severance payment you got from your early termination as well, while Torres scored two goals and Meireles hammered in a dipping beauty against Wolves.

In case you didn’t know, wolves are a fearsome pack of dogs that don’t really fear anything.

That’s right they fear nothing.

They’ll even face up to a bear and work together in tackling their obstacles, but today, a different pack of wolves were sent into their dressing room with their tails between their legs and bandages around their head, and I dare say that today’s the day that wolves start to be really afraid of men in red.

Or just to be exact, Spanish men in red.

Ahhhh, it does feel really good to see Liverpool back to their convincing winning ways again, and somehow the manner of the defensive wall in front of Wolves reminded me of the wall during Rafa’s tenure, which comprised of Kuyt, Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard and Aurelio.

Solid, simply solid back then and truly solid tonight.

Fernando Torres quipped, “(Kenny) Dalglish told me that we’re the ones who make people’s dreams come true. The fans can’t play, so they live their dreams through us.”.

Indeed, and this 3-0 of a victory does echo reverberantly like a pulsating dream where you strive to not wake up from.

Long live the King (Kenny)!

That’s why, it’s sometime a good move to terminate something early.

Note: Sometimes.

Overhead @ A Red Thing: Light at the end of the Anfield tunnel.

I’m not sure if I should feel relieved, or reprieved.

Last year at the stadium of light, a beachball knocked Red’s lights out, so I guess we’ll have to be thankful that Beachball Boy didn’t bring along his toys home this time around eh — Or should I? At least back then there was the beach ball to lay blame on, and I’m far more comfortable with that actually.

Earlier in the year, last season in the same fixture, Liverpool ran rampant at Anfield with a resounding 3-0 victory as they chased for the 4th spot, but what happened in this recent game huh? Especially when you mildly notice that the players fielded were largely similar.

Hmmm… Let’s compare…

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English Premiereship in Real 3D

You’ve seen Avatar in Real3D (and shame if you haven’t), and did you enjoyed it as much as I did?

Well apart from getting dizzy from the ‘man-made’ 3 dimensional visual perceptions, I think it’s a great entertainment tool for the future.

It won’t be cheap, and I certainly won’t be able to afford it, but just the thought of revisiting Pandora nightly before you sleep, it’s simply out of this world.

Um, pun intended.

Anyway for a football fanatic, like I am, it doesn’t get any bigger, ahem, than watching your English Premiereship stars in Real3D, as reported here by Marketsaw.

It will be as if you’re right there running and jumping beside them.

So what if there aren’t any flying banshees or lean and tall blue humanoids on the screen, but instead 22 (23, if you count the referee) sweaty, athletic men chasing a single white ball around a grass pitch.

It will still be awesome-tastic!

But too bad I won’t be catching my idol, Steven Gerrard, or Torres in Real3D anytime soon.

English Premiereship in Real3D not yet available here. T.T

Liverpool 2 – Wigan 1

These days, not often do I get the chance to blow the trumpet whenever Liverpool plays, so here’s not just to trumpet blowing, but trumpet blowing’s family and everything trumpet blowing advocated with.

Liverpool, playing at home and as usual, had the lion’s share of possesion and shots on goal. Too bad that the clean sheet was not to be, but 3 points is enough to give Rafa Benitez some room to breathe.

If wind of Gillet and Hick’s sale of american clubs, respectively, bears good news, then the back-to-scoring form of Fernando Torres and the extended appearance of Aquilani within an almost disintegrating-yet-proud footclub club, is MORE than just good news.


Liverpool vs Wigan

Pretty much self explanatory.

Btw, without Torres what would we do? Anyway, you wonder what his hands were doing in the area of which shall not be named, of the person with the face of which shall not be spoken any further of.

Sadly I missed watching the game this morning, as all I managed to do was to hit the snooze button 10 times at 4am in the morning, before finding myself waking up at 9.30 am. Oh how time flies.


Fulham 3 – Liverpool 1

Finally, fodder for journalists and bloggers everywhere to pounce on and milk till it’s dry right?

Liverpool deservedly lost against a Fulham side which seems to have finally found their scoring boots, especially Zamora, who is now famous around the world for missing the open goalmouth from yards out, with the goalkeeper on his bum and defenders miles away.

For having a squad so thin that it makes the Olsen twins look big and fat, Rafa shouldn’t be piling the blame on injuries, because the management team hasn’t been getting their act for a few years now.

The new Anfield stadium that was supposed to be half built by now has it’s planned shelved. The much anticipated and rumoured transfer of David Villa or Silva has just as much weight as the air that you’re breathing in now.

Unless new owners (with $$$) come in to rectify the bank books , he accounts journal or whatever it is that they use to keep track of their finances, and only till then will any reversal of fortunes be truly seen.

I’m afraid there’ll be more of the one hit wonder (victory over the Red Devils) from my beloved Reds this season, as they’ll struggle to find inspiration in their football.

Sure, they’d probably get motivated, but there’s a THICK RED LINE between motivation and inspiration.

Motivation, it gets you fired up for the day, and after you get exhausted, you pat yourself on your back, and then you set off to rest, and you wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Inspiration, it gets you fired up for the day, and ever after you’re exhausted, you still find yourself planning and imagining tomorrow. You don’t really want to rest, so you’ll find hundreds of reasons to continue whatever you’re doing for the rest of your life.

Now this is inspiration.

Badly, and really really badly, Liverpool’s players needs some inspiration right now, and unfortunately an 80% fit Torres isn’t enough, and a sidelined captain is just too bad.

How much can a manager like Rafa motivate? Sure, he inspires, but then it begs the question of who will inspire Rafa?

Fulham 3 – Liverpool 1. So not inspirational~

The Aftermath: Liverpool 2 – Manchester United 0

Purposely I delayed coming up with a post, main reason being I wanted to see how long it takes before the elation susbsides, after Liverpool’s shock 2-0 victory over Man U, but was it really any shock when Liverpool won?

I wasn’t shocked, but I was stupefied (woot, is there any difference???), as if Harry Potter had just sneaked into the room, rolled out his wooden wand from under his robes and stunned me with his Stupefy curse.

When Torres flicked his right leg and plundered the ball through Van Der Sar’s goal, my heart skipped, my pulse raced, my mouth gaped and my mind kept flashing the words ‘Is this for real?’ over and over again. It took a long while before I managed to thwart away Potter’s evil spell and then reality sinked in.

And that reality was that there wasn’t going to be a fifth loss, that I wasn’t going to risk not seeing Rafa at the dugout anymore, that no more beach balls was ever going to take away our deserved three points ever again.

Interestingly, due to Reds loss to Sunderland (caused by an inflatable plastic ball) there was more Beach Balls on Anfield, then there’s ever been in the history of East Coast Park (Singapore). In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beach ball at east coast park. It’s usually either the beach-goers throw coconut husks or babies around the waters. J/k about the babies.

Anyway, an even more interesting observation is how the bookies’ rates weren’t really that favourable of a Man U victory. There really was not much of a difference and if it’s anything to judge by, it shows that they are not 100% confident that Man U was going home victorious. So itreally was a game which could tilt either way eh?

Long story short, Liverpool’s  Mascherano and Lucas played the game of their life, and the young Brazilian was even made to look so damn good at the end of the game — this after much heavy criticism from all angles. Had Torres not scored, I suppose Lucas would’ve waltzed away with the man of the match award instead.

His performance was at an all time high indeed, very impressive and passionate but he is still showing a little bit of immature at times, where a simple pass or a quick body check would’ve kept possession, although you cannot deny that his final ball, leading to Ngog’s goal was perfectly weighted and angled. Here’s to hoping that this is the game he comes out of the cocoon.

But to credit the victory to Lucas alone is myopic, to say the least, for the whole team defended really well AS a team. Rarely did Insua and Johnson vacated their flanks in favour of an attacking position. These two ensured that their centrebacks was duely protected, just like Masch and Lucas did.

And with that kind of protection, Carragher, Agger and Reina excelled. Every attack was denied succesfully and promptly.

In the wings, Benayoun and Aurelio complimented the forwards and provided options for the midfielders, by either pulling out wide or extending on their middle forward runs. They interplayed the ball well with the two strikers too.

Kuyt, as ever, ran his heart out and made sure Man U’s defenders didn’t have enough time on the ball to think of their next move, while Torres instilled doubts within Man U’s defence with his clever runs.

So was Liverpool truly deserving of the bragging rights over their arch rivals? You betcha!

Just don’t mention about the Arsenal game in the League Cup. Bah~

Sunderland VS Liverpool

Not since 2002 has Liverpool shed any points off any games against Sunderland, and it’s been like a donation drive trip for EPL points whenever they visit the Stadium of Light, so despite Torres and Gerrard’s crucial ‘MIA’ tonight, there’s ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ — unless Lucas starts in the middle again and screws up horribly, again.

And news of Zenden’s arrival at the Stadium of Light hadn’t quashed any fears that Liverpool will be dropping points against a team that’s been on a resurgent run under Steve Bruce’s tutelage. Couple that with the thought that EPL’s top English goal scoring machine of the moment, Darren Bent, will be roaming around in a leaky defence, and one of the top assisting Englishman, Andy Reid, it doesn’t bode well for Liverpool.

So let’s see with Torres and Gerrard out, and with an eye on the Champion’s League game coming up next, just who will Benitez start the game with?

Babel partnering Ngog upfront? Or is it the experienced pair of Kuyt and Benayoun? Or will he gamble with Voronin and.. okay, just Voronin? How scary are these line-up?

Then let’s consider the midfield pairing. Lucas and Mascherano? Hmm, two young South Americans who just flew halfway around the world for integral world cup qualifying games recently. Benayoun and Plessis? Jay Spearing and… holy cow, there’s no more available midfielders in Liverpool!? Aquilani’s still out injured so it’s miserable times these days. Not entirely intimidating ‘engine room’ which no doubt will be eaten alive by Lyon and Manchester, should it remain the same in games to come.

As for defence, I won’t even go in too much, cos there’s not much really.

I wonder if the Arabs will buy the club as is rumoured and perhaps inject the much needed cash to transform the ailing club’s fortunes, but if they were astute businessman, shouldn’t they be looking at the club’s asset and wonder if it’ll even make a good investment? I mean, just look at the players’ line-up!

So sad, but I’ll have to concede that Liverpool’s current available squad looks just as good as Sunderland’s reserve team. What a comparison right?

Anyways, as for tonight’s result, I’m still confident that Liverpool will wing it their way and fly off with all 3 points, simply because the Sunderland boys will be giving way too much respect to the team from Anfield, and play even more defensive, despite Rafa deploying a defensive tactic — as I think Liverpool’s history and reputation carries enough weight to affect Bruce’s decisions.

So 1 goals to nothing, in Liverpool’s favour tonight. Heh.

Roaring Back To Life, For A While.

It may seem like a coincidence but does Liverpool’s performance has a relation with my bike situation?

Last mid-week, when Liverpool faltered 2-0 to Fiorentina in the UEFA Champions League, my bike failed to start rendering me bikeless, just as I wanted to return back to work from buying lunch in town, which I then took the cab back to office and barely paying for the fare with just a $5 note in my pocket — the fare was $4.80! Had the fare exceeded my pocket money, I’d have to ask the taxi to reverse then!

Anyway, my bike’s all fine now, despite dying and stuttering back then. I think fine is an understatement. It is ROARING again! Riding in the misty after-rain conditions earlier was simply superb, and I was on my way back from a client’s wedding to watch Liverpool’s game on tele, while I still can. (Singtel’s hijacked the EPL from SCV next year loh! Sobs. No more soccer on the big screen in the living room!)

Anelka doesnt shampoo

Liverpool fared pretty decently well in the first half. Mascherano was back to his sniping ways while Gerrard was impeccable as usual. Unfortunately, Torres found the close attention of Chelsea’s defence too, um, close to his liking and was a restricted man throughout the 45 minutes. My thoughts, wow, Liverpool doing really great today! (My bike great, liverpool great, wow, a correlation!) I was pretty confident that Liverpool was going to come out all with all guns blazing in the second half.

Then Chelsea hit us with a sucker punch with the ever-so powerful Drogba crossing for Anelka to open the scoring. My thoughts, wow, Liverpool went behind but its okay, just a minor blip like what my bike experienced mid-week, and I was DARN confident that a late surge will see Liverpool bring home all 3 points.

Peppering the Chelsea end with long shots, mostly off-target, Liverpool looked like they were going to get the equaliser soon, but then Malouda had other ideas, ideas which didn’t quite agree with me, but I had to take it all in like a man. Again, Drogba powered his way into the penalty box before laying the ball into Malouda’s path for the game-and-set goal.

Chelsea 2 – Liverpool 0. It all seems so disappointingly familiar. Bah.

Hais. I guess there’s no relation between Liverpool’s performance and my bike’s situation after all. Maybe it’s my dota situation instead?

Liverpool (4) – Arsenal (4)

Am I finally running out of superlatives to describe the gritty performances of Liverpool of late?

Is it going to be the norm that Liverpool puts 4 past their opponent’s these days?

Is it a coincidence that the last 12 goals that Liverpool have scored were without their talismatic captain, Steven Gerrard?

Is it also going to be set in the heavens that everytime Liverpool and Arsenal meet, the game ends in a draw?

Is it too much to say that the game deserved to be labeled as one of the best EPL games in modern times?

Is this the game which signals the arrival of my idol, the mistaken parvenu, the enigmatic Andrey Arshavin? He scored 4 wonderfully taken goals btw and  I am quietly impressed — though I’m a little disappointed that he chose to show up in this game. A game which Liverpool badly required to win to keep any hopes of a title dream.

Will Manchester take advantage of this result and extend their lead further tonight?

Will Chelsea catch up to Liverpool by beating Everton or will the fellow Merseysiders keep the Blues in check?

Will Liverpool continue to dominate games and annhilate opponents until the end of the season?

Will the 19th English title finally come to Anfield?

Will I  stop asking questions and write proper paragraphs and sentences instead?

Maybe I will. ; )

Liverpool VS Manchester City

Liverpool VS Manchester City
Citizens, or Manchester City, is one of the worst EPL teams when on the road, this season. With a host of key players doubtful, I won’t be surprised if Rafa pulls another shocker like he did at Portsmouth, where he played 3-5-2.

Why I’m guessing a 3-5-2 formation is because Rafa seriously needs to beef his midfield, who’ll be without Alonso and Gerrard for the game. The thought of Masch and Lucas feels lightweight, and another inner midfielder will be required to steady the ship.

Steven Gerrard’s absence is a strong loss, but it’ll be redeemed by the return of Torres, and the fact that Manchester City have failed to get any wins for the last 10 games on the road, and that they’ve just recently been foiled in the EUFA Cup, while the Reds have been practising real hard on their XBOX 360 systems over the week.

You know, I’d love to get myself an xbox 360 and get some actions with Mirror’s Edge. *Crosses Fingers*.

Anyway, Liverpool should see off Citizens comfortably, and unless Rafa plays anything less than 2 upfront, Citizens should start planning for next week’s return  game in the UEFA Cup.

Predictions: Liverpool 2 – Manchester City