Gettin rid of that pesky rash with sweet pee.

That’s right, sweet P-E-E, as in pee!

Read on.

I finally got rid of that pesky rash that’s been inhibiting my nightly socio-educational programmes badly, and by socio-educational, I really just mean my nightly gaming sessions with dudes (or duddettes) around Asia.

So who’s to say a nerd isn’t socialising when he spends hours in front of his laptop, because his PC is burnt beyond repair after an unsuspecting startup explosion a few months back?

Once there was this Japanese fella, whom I was gaming with in one of my Starcraft 2 ladder games, that decided to project his courteous ways by leaving the game after calling me ‘Faggot’ and ‘Haxor’ when he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to beat me.

You see, we may come from different ethnic backgrounds, but our socialising skills are fundamentally the same everywhere.

Anyway, want to know what caused the benign itch to become a full blown rash, or hives, which especially burgeoned as soon as I stepped home, into my room? No? Ok then.

Heck, I’ll tell you anyway. Bite me.

It’s cat’s pee!!!

Now if you’re probably thinking something like me coming home covered inexplicably in cat’s pee, well that’s not it but when I say cats’ pee, I mean me being working overly too hard at the office, coming home too late, too often, to be able to buy fresh cat litter to change the nearly 2 weeks old pack at home.

So that litter pack got too bad that it affected my system somehow, and the only reason I came up with this for an argument is that as soon as I changed the litter into a fresh new pack, the rash/hives developed no more.

All thanks to…


Trust me, this brand (Sweet Pee) is uber awesome! Buy them here (no, this isn’t an affiliate link, I’m just being a good samaritan and sharing a useful link. So bah~), and no I did not try chewing on any bits or pieces to see if they’re really sweet, but do contact me and let me know if anyone’s done their research please.

So there you go, a sweet sounding solution to end my itch, or cat pee smell allergy, or whatever it’s called, or if ever there’s such an ailment.


Cats are Man’s best friends and how to work smart.

When work’s just plain crazy, guess what’s the best thing to do when there’s simply too much to do for the day?

Yep, you stop working and go home to rest, and then continue tomorrow — what, you weren’t expecting an answer like “continue working and burn the midnight oil” did you?

No, I’m not advocating running away but rather a smarter way to solve or finish them. When one’s tired, mentally and physically, any work that’s done in such a state is just sloppy and more accurate than David Ngog’s scoring touch, the unintended mistakes will start accumulating.

It’s true, a tired mind simply isn’t as alert and reactive as a fresh, eager mind so next time that you have too much to do, take a break have a kit kat and just go take a rest, as much as you have to, and continue back when you’re done.

I’ll personally vouch for this advice I’m giving (or otherwise I shouldn’t be giving advices right???) and myself, I’ve felt the ‘resurrection’ everytime I take a power nap, a short but purposeful nap to give yourself a quick energy boost. If you’ve heard of polyphasic sleep, well no this is not it.

I remember back during my Primary School days, whenever there was extra classes in the afternoon, our teacher would make us sleep, close our eyes and be devoid of any activity, and simply rest, before beginning her afternoon lessons.

When it’s time to wake up, everyone would moan, but minutes after that, almost none would feel sleepy and tired during lesson and in my case, I’ve to thank her, my teacher, Mrs chia, for introducing me to power naps.

Even in my Secondary School, we took power naps after lunch. It sure helps us to focus greatly later on, now that’s studying smart.

Working smart is no different either — take a break if you think you need one, and who cares if the job’s on hold, as long as you’re able to meet its deadline right?

Take a rest if you think you’re going to have to go on for a long time.

And *drum rolls* take a good sleep if there’s just too much wor for you to complete tonight. Continue tomorrow, and work smart.

Work never really ends or gets finished anyway, so do your body a favour and work smart.

Then sometimes, when you’re tired from slugging it out at work, when your bike’s at the workshop cos the engine failed on you that morning, and when the taxi ride home made its claim for a pole position in the Singapore GP, you’ll realise just how lovingly cats are, as they greet you at the door, sleepy eyed and yawning at the same time brushing against your legs and purring away.

Awwww, I’m so lucky to have these 2 cats welcome me home when everyone else in the family are snoring away.

But why do I have a hunch that my cats are nudging me for a quick treat and a back rub at 1.30am in the morning?

I suppose cats do know how to work smart too. ; )

Alice In Wonderland Trailer

I. Love. Cats.

ANNNNNNNNND this movie has got a cat in 3D. Like, hello~?

It’s a no brainer that my favourite character has got to be that Chesire Cat — does it have a name???

Hmm, maybe I’ll call it Jake Sully.

Catch Alice in Wonderland Movie starting from 4th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!


The Toilet Paper Slasher

Never ever leave your toilet paper unguarded when you’re asleep.

The Aftermath

Or this happens.

Especially when you have 2 cats in the room, ‘sleeping’ with you, as evident by this picture above, greeting me in the morning as I woke from slumber.

Definitely not a ‘good morning to you’ kind of scene to wake up to.

I think from now onwards I better have a security camera installed to have a good recollection of what goes on at night in my room, a la Paranormal Activity (the movie) although in this case I’d have to categorise this is ‘A Normal Activity’ instead.

Cats in Denial

Really, it’s no use asking a cat who messed it all up. They’ll simply ignore you.

Worst, they’ll rub their heads against your leg and beg for food instead.

Anyway, why do I have a feeling that my orange feline was the real culprit?

Bad kitty..

Early February Musings

Its a tough day at work, always. Clients keep chasing for changes and confirmations, while friends and family bombard you with reminders and requests. Not that its a bad thing, its a good and welcomed situation actually. For certain I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a peaceful night’s rest at home, but usually by the time I reach my room’s door, it is already well past midnight.

As usual, the only ones who greet me with eager anticipation when I reach home (the taman jurong one) are my 2 cats, Siti Seri and Jack, but that is only because  everyone else are  soundly sleeping and vividly dreaming the night away.

Indeed cats have a keen sense of hearing and they somehow are able to sense that someone is coming?Anyway, without fail my 2 felines will be waiting on their paws as I open the door, meowing and seemingly beckoning for something, which I barely understand. They’re just cats but their enthusiasm enlightens me cos at least there’s someone who is saying ‘hi’ to me, especially after a hard day’s work – and sometimes that is all you need to make your day.

It cannot be underestimated that a simple greeting, or gesture of concern can bring lots of meaning, however simple or short it may be. It could be the difference between feeling the love and feeling ignored. For sure, it is enlightening, even if it comes from a cat – or make that 2 cats!

There’s so many things that we can learn from cats – and definitely their affableness is one of the lessons that they impart to their owners. Affectionate, lovable, mischievous yet unconditional in their own rights, cats really should have been given the title of Man’s best buddies. Some may say that dogs are Man’s best friends, but seriously I beg to differ. No prizes in guessing whom I think that title should go to — Cats!