The actual actualizations of actuallies.

Actually I never intended this protracted hiatus from my blogging world.

My ‘blogging world’, which became a staple diet of my nightly – or sometimes daily – things to do have always been my tome of life experiences which I chronicle arduously, but sometimes things have a way of panning out in a near perfectly and accidentally architectured events that it can be likened to a blithe theory gone blissly viral and I actually went away from it.

Ok, whatever that means right, and so why did I come back?

Wait! When did I ever ‘leave’, if I could actually be pardoned for using that jargon here? No, I never did left, cos I simply was, and really really actually, absorbing it all.

Well, long story short, things in my life fell perfectly in place and i could never have planned it better.

You know, like how sometimes you’d wonder to yourself, while you’re trimming away the awful protruding hair from your nostrils in the bathroom mirror, what it could have actually been had you did some things in a certain way.

Or perhaps how things could have actually been if you had had your way with words.

How often have we told ourselves, secretly and regretfully, of how we actually could have done things we didn’t do, or how actually we could have said words we never spoke, or – the mother of all actuallies – how we could have splurged our love on those we truly love but only to pull back in fear of what might have been?

Granted, life is too precarious to be living precariously, but in actual fact, isn’t life too short to be living in a ‘what could have actually been’ world?

From getting a much deserved break at the office to the long awaited love of my life, my world, of which I shall term as the actual actualizations of actuallies, is blithe, and – of which I consider to be quite an achievement – I’m back blogging.

And boy, there’s so many things to share with you.

Cue, smilies.

Think, talk.

Time has passed by freakishly too fast this year.

It’s not bothered to wait for me, you nor anyone else who’s contemplated and bothered to wallow in self-pittance. It’s that cruel.

I realised that in barely 2 weeks, a year ago I was limbering towards my one month reservist in-camp training, and faced plenty of stumbling blocks back then.

Fortunately there’s no reservist yet, but looking back, oh how quickly time fades as I recall on a few ‘supposedly major’ decisions made back then.

I decided to quit within 3 months then.

Of course fortunately I didn’t heed my stupid and rash thoughts so I didn’t and life goes on, but 1 year later, that eeriely similar decision comes back to haunt me.

I’ve been thinking a lot and not really been talking a lot and it’s such a shame that these are two very different things that bring about very different outcome.

If you think a lot, that’s good, but that makes you a dreamer as well, because thinking don’t get things done.

If you talk a lot, that’s good, you get the message across, but you run in danger of being viewed as a NATO person.

Oh, NATO as in, No Action Talk Only.

How much do you weigh in on this?

Me? I don’t know, biasedly biased, I think I’ll judge myself as a 80/20 person, with the 20 represennting the talking — I don’t talk much, and when I do, I guess I talk before I think?

Ahh, don’t we all?

Thankfully there’s blogging, which isn’t quite talking, but you get the drift yah?

When you blog, you get to think before you talk, and it’s sort of a 50/50 thing here, and it’s think then talk.

And when you talk too much, there’s always that delete post/draft button lying somewhere along the page.

I wonder if I’ll live my life wishing for that ‘delete button’ when it’s time for that talk?

Dils, Your Blog Don’t Accept Comments Anymore.

After visiting her blog for a while, I didn’t realise that Dils (does anyone calls her by that???) blog has comments disabled, and nothing is cuter than her disclaimer, which is boldly stated on the front page as “If you don’t like what I write, don’t read.”

I love it, that it’s a succinct and beautifully written disclaimer.

Wait, don’t you think I’m pulling any legs cos I do sincerely think that it’s a great, firm, strong move there.

I mean how many times in life do we encounter moments where we’re stuck with people who are simply trying to pull us down or get to us, and where we wish at that point and time that if only there’s a “Disable Speech” button on that person.

I mean blogs are ways and means for anyone, yes anyone to express themselves online, and sadly there are souls who troll around the net, looking for ways to share their acid, as if it’s on overdue.

Well to Dils, kudos on shutting out their voices (um, and mine at the same time, but hey I’ve a blog to express myself anyway. so =p ), that’s a bold one.

I wish I could have a disclaimer like that written on my forehead (there’s ample space anyway..) to warn people of my stand — at work.

Yep, but too bad I can’t do that, unless I think that chasing customers away is a good thing for business.

But sometimes you just have to put a close sign to yourself.

You can’t always accept all customers, because some are simply not worth your time and efforts, and by that I mean in terms of ROI and the value that it brings to you and the company.

Like why support a needy customer, who barely knows what he/she wants and ignore your regular customers at your own peril?

Like just show these needy, uninitiated customers the directions to another place, and they’ll perhaps be better served there.

And in Dils case, of which I certainly digested only the tip of the iceberg, she’s probably better off with less negative energy comments.

Yeah, it works wonders when people are forced to just listen, and unable to talk back — it makes them listen more.

If you’re reading this, hope all’s good. Go get your wings now. = )

Marsedit – Trial By Fire

I’m just testing this out to see how far this desktop client can take me — or is it how far I can take it?

Either way, it’s something that I stumbled across while browsing for FREE OS X softwares. Yes, I’m that cheap. Bite me.

So Marsedit V2.4 is a desktop client blogging software that’s exclusively made for Mac, so if you’re looking for a Windows port, you’re better off with Windows Live Writer / Ecto / etc etc.

Marsedit Screenshot

So here’s how it looks like at work. Actually I’m at home when I did this, but it’s just to show how Marsedit’s interface and working area really looks like.

Really, there’s only this HTML panel (bottom right), where you type your stuffs and as you type, it previews (bottom left area) real time, and I really like it — if only its because I’ve always prefered the ‘organic’ coding interface kind.

It is functional, clean, sleek, uncluttered and straight to the point, the no nonsense kind.

It’s the 90s, BBedit and PowerComputing revisited all over again. Nostalgic, at least for me.

Although I’m not too sure if it might appeal to a blogger who cannot differentiate between HTML and CSS, but for anyone with basic grasps of these languages, I think Marsedit will be a pleasant break from having to go online to make a post.

Example, if 31 days from now and your whole HDB area is caught on fire and there’s not a single working modem left, just what are you going to do!?

Well, you’ll be thankful that Marsedit is around, cos you don’t need to go online to write a post, provided you’ve purchased the application after its 30 days trial period.

Actually one could easily write within any text-editor and then copy/paste later on, but hey, Marsedit has real-time preview pane, and cool looking buttons which your word processor hasn’t!

Then again, your word processor is free.

But if you had the $$$ and looking for a Mac OS X desktop blogging client, I’d personally recommend Marsedit.

I’m loving it already.