Of Being 30 and awesome.

Last Thursday, I turned 30, in the most awesome way that I could never have imagined.

I also got a gift better than I could have ever planned, as I was whisked here, there and everywhere as I succumbed my day to her whims and will.

My only gripe was that I wore a black-dark, thick cotton shirt because she asked me to dressed smartly, and only because I think that I could have still pulled the whole day off with my usual jeans and suave tee.. but that’s just me.

What did I get to do? Let’s see..

Karaoke session was good, lunch was splendous and she got strangers to sing me a birthday jingle.

Then we shopped for ‘the birthday gift’ even though I was reluctant to make her spend, but in the end my choice of the wrist watch was eccentrically scrumptuous – a toss between a white Diesel one and a metallic Armani Exchange. This gift, which I still think is way too much too spend on this 30 year old, but way too awesome nevertheless.

And the fireworks, literally, came up in the evening spent at Sentosa, which was nothing short of magically flawless, save for the bird-dropping, mosquito-biting thingy.

But those were mere headfakes, for the real gift was the gift of love, masked within a tender company and waves after waves of generous gestures.

I’d never thought turning 30 meant I’d be pampered this way, but for that special and memorable gift of company, I really couldn’t have wished for anything more.

Ahhh, being 30 feels so awesome! *wink*


Love makes the world go round.

And I love these two much, much, much.


My dad with my lovely little baby.

Okay I lied, cos It’s actually my uncle’s son, but isn’t he just so adorable?

Shower kids with love and they’ll grow to appreciate and be generous in the currency of the heart.

You could even shower them with a birthday party and smile beamingly like my dad here.


He threw a birthday party for little Irfan and I’m jealous because I didn’t even get one when I turned one!

Or perhaps not that I could remember but…


… cute birthday cake right?

The strawberries and mangoes are screaming “bite me, bite me!” while the cream, well it’s just white uh?

In any case, I’m not a fan of cakes, so even if it looks deliciously yummy, I don’t think I’ll miss not eating this.

But I do miss this yummy little boy here.


One of God’s gift for us to appreciate and nurture and love.


Oops, make that TWO of God’s gift to appreciate greatly, nurture endlessly and love unconditionally.


Getting Sanity Fixed

DOTA and MTG used to fix me up pretty good, after a day of work, but it’s been a loooong time since I’ve had a sniff at them.

It’s not like I’ve quitted DOTA or MTG entirely (in fact I view with a queer eye at anyone who proclaims to ‘quit’ these social games, as if the gesture merits itself as a laudable life event), but ever since Bangau and Han’s self-imposed relocation, I’ve yet to indulge in one game, and I say it with pride simply because there’s not been a stretch of days that I can recall of not playing the game, ever since Bangau and Han got back (here).

Or maybe I’m just busy with Zynga Poker on facebook.

Nevertheless I do still have plenty of interests and desire to DOTA/TG, but this time I know that it’s not going to be the same anymore.

When us 3 were around, every game was an adventure, or should I categorise it as a misadventure? Lol.

Add the occasional visits of Max1983, Sid & Heider, and other unexpected arrivals, things do get pretty over the top, but never out of control of course..

Do I miss them? Haha. Damn right I do. Missing every bit of the nonsense that only the 3 of us are capable of conjuring.

So where do i get my fix these days?

Strangely, it’s being overtaken by work, and coincidentally, workload picked up just as the duo shifted away.

It’s just getting chaotic at work, and this despite the frequent complaints of how the new year has been greatly affected by the ripples of the world’s economic crisis.

Thankfully, Dils is around the vicinity to pull my sanity back down to earth, and this since.. half her age ago!

She’s turning 26 this Saturday, so that’d make it 13 years of wonderful friendship — You’re getting old liao!

All grown up now, and she’s never been chattier than ever!

Met her up on Wednesday night, talked till way past her usual bedtime, but only because I didn’t knew it flew by, just like that.

So what present do you get for a 26year old perky gal, who’s already pampered herself with a Toscano handbag?

In any case, wishing you well for your dreams, up in the air.

Oel Ngati Kameie

28 years and 1 day old, today.

Yes I am, so happy belated birthday to me.

Thank you GodMa and my dear lovely Sisters for all your presents and warm love.

Thank you Dad for reminding me to come home for dinner.

Thank you Boss and colleagues for the yummy coffee cake, and that handmade card.

Thank you my dear friends, old and new, for the phone call, sms and facebook messages.

And most importantly of all, for giving me a way in into this world, for teaching me the meaning of love, and though you couldn’t be with me for the past 8 years, I still miss you and I dearly love you as if it’s only yesterday. So Mum, thank you. Though your time in this world is up, you’ll forever be ticking in my heart.

Oel Ngati Kameie. (I see you.)

My Belated 27th Birthday Appreciation

This post was first written on 26th January but has since stretched till 30th January due to unnecessary editings. Please bear with it…

Wishing all Chinese Happy New Year and to all, Happy Holidays!!! Oh, and to newly 27 year old me, Happy Birthday!!! 

Perhaps I’d like to try a thank you speech eh? * Takes a deep breathe * And my belated special thanks goes to…  

Dad & Mama: For caring for me, despite my mischievious persona, throughout these 27 years. Thanks for calling me in the morning from KL to wish me, and not inviting me to tag along for the holiday trip! Woot!

Bro: Thanks for caring and buying me Nasi Ayam that afternoon, which I couldn’t eat cos I took too much chicken sandwich earlier. Anyway, to show my appreciation, I’ll be wearing the Liverpool jersey you bought for me last year, for the whole of today. Liverpool Rulez!

Sis: Thanks for the wish, despite nursing that annoying fever. Sorry If I couldn’t be home more often to share with you some lessons or stories about school and work, but I’ll try to be home more often. Thanks for keeping me company when I come home late and showing the care like a sister should!

Godma n GodSisters: You guys have been a wonderful addition in my life. Ever since my late mum left me, noone else have filled that gap with more love and care than you. I truly appreciate all the gifts you’ve given and have enjoyed all our moments spent together. Lovely!

Fahmi, Han & Jar: If there ever was a war, I’m pretty sure that the four of us would be the last men standing, victorious and laughing our ass off. Thanks for spending my birthday together, full of craziness and… well, lots of craziness! I’m quite sure that there is nothing that the four of us can’t ever accomplished! We rox!

Skopets: For accepting an older experienced guy into your team, I’m already grateful for that. I may have been the senior fella during our Secondary school days but that’d never stop us from becoming a great team right? I’m thankful for the regular soccer games that you guys deliver, and may the skopets win the league this season!

My Lovely Friends: Yanni, Linda & Adilah, without fail you will remember to wish me on my special day EVERY YEAR and I am always grateful for that. There aren’t that many friends like you guys, and I’m thankful for our rainbow friendship – i.e rainbow ‘cos there’s no end in sight. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Everyone that I may have missed out: I’d like to list out everyone but at 4am, its hard to remember anymore names and I’m not in the thoughts of stretching this post any longer, so to anyone whom I may have missed out, apologies from moi, but many thanks for remembering my occasion! Everyone rox!!!

And Yes! Finally, a new look for a brand new year, and hopefully a brand new me too! Things look brighter now, eh? Uber cool!!!