The forbidden fruits, or Lovemarks — I couldn’t resist the iPhone.

It’s certified, I’m a full fledged Apple fanboy these days as I failed to curb the enthusiasm of owning its product, especially the iPhone, which have turned out to be a revelation indeed.

But first, a quick point out on how Apple’s products have never ever changed, not applicable to cosmetics and applications of its products, but in terms of usability design over the years.

It is this very deeply intricated grasp of what makes a good design truly makes it stand out as one of the greatest love brands in the world, in this era, of which hasn’t been an accident either.

Yes, a love brand, or a lovemark, and I’m not talking about hickies.

Is it too much to have to call its products, the forbidden fruits?

Certainly not.

Anyway, I knew the iPhone is truly an excellent toy, yes I referred to it as a toy back then, and I wasn’t that interested in getting myself one of these toys, simply for the sake of having it.

I’d rather get something that’s functional, practical, works-as-its-meant-to and, especially so, fuss-free plus easy maintenance.

Getting the Macbook Pro was a no-brainer and despite its immense pricetag, which was really hard for me to swallow, it was a pill I swallowed nonetheless and I’m glad I coughed up that little bit more.

In return, the MBP proved to be an astounding workhorse that I simply couldn’t push to its limit any more than I could, say, for a Dell or Asus laptop.

Website development, surfing the net, FA creations, blogging, entertainment, office productivity, photo management and even something as simple as file management, have been one helluva blast, an experience which I doubt the Dell or Asus could have ever emulated.

Oh, no more viruses and spywares to worry about as well.

Where 99% of forbidden fruits are overrated, Apple and its products, make up the 1% that overwhelms, overperforms and overachieves.

The iPhone has since ceased to appear a toy to me. It is a serious tool and you better believe it.

It came to me by chance to me, when the M1 sales personnel slow-talked me into upgrading my phone plans, and it has usurped its way as, not one of the best phones I’ve had to experience, but THE best phone I’ve had.

SMSes don’t feel like SMSes anymore — it’s now chatting or conversations, and it’s become personalised and deeply, and easily, manageable.

The iPhone is also an entertainment outlet (youtube and videos, ipod, photos, camera, thousands of games), an informational outlet (safari, maps, weather, clock) and a personal management inlet (calendar, notes, contacts, voicemail, sms) as well.

Though I may seem to be listing its basic features here, where almost every other smart phones seem to possess, but that’s where the similarities end.

Apple’s designs make it stand out from the rat race, and it encapsulates the gist of what a good design should be — functional, aestheticised and just damn fun.

Like the forbidden fruit, they (Apple’ products) appear tempting, lustful and one that you simply have to see and use to believe.

The ease of use that comes with Apple’s products isn’t purely coincidental, but a well researched and executed process, and it’s turned out to be a model that almost every other company have been scrambling to emulate.

That’s what lovebrands or lovemarks do, they inspire through design and make lives easier and, in a way, fun, usable and productive.

Sadly, most companies are in a race to create a product, where no doubt it’s fun, that takes a turn for the worse in usability, and then sales take a decline.

They should have focused in creating products in the mould of the forbidden fruits, which sell themselves really.

Companies can save a lot this way right?

Less ads, less marketing, less promotion and I mean less, not zero, although in Apple’s case, it does seem to be non-existent.

Like seriously, when was the last time you saw an advertisement poster or banner for Apple’s products hanging along walkways, perched on railings or plastered onto walls?

5 minutes, think about it, so when was the last time you saw one?

Fruits for thoughts?

99 Design’s iPad giveaway

99 Designs

They’re feeling uber generous, these fellas over at 99, but that’s good news for us mortals, who stand a chance to be on the receiving end of this:


Yes, that sexy, sleek, touchy touchy thingy.

No, not the uber exotic gal (you wankers!). No, not the endangered Panda (you animal w*nkers!).

The Apple iPad is being given away by 99 — actually, 3 Apple iPads are being given away.

How to?

1. Sign up with them.

2. Use their Portfolio Widget to display your 99designs portfolio on your own website or blog.

That’s it, and the more unique websites that you display this, the more chances you get.

Now, don’t tell me you don’t want an iPad?

The ‘Maybe someone should file a class action suit against Apple’ thread.

I don’t code in Lingo anymore and neither do I indulge in lines and lines of Actionscripts, but somehow the blue and yellow forums of never fail to keep me away.

Occasionally browsing over the photography section, the arena (where plenty of brilliant photoshop tennis takes place) and most notably hanging out in its coffee lounge, a place where we deliberate on anything and everything, Flashkit or FK has been a constant haunt for me.

The quirky minds and scandalous witty retards retorts that resides among its pages are what keeps me glued after all these years.

So how many forums can you claim to be a part of, of which you’ve spent nearly a decade lingering around? After a certain period of time, it feels like home.

And threads like “Can we file a class action against Apple?” entices the professional thinkers to come out and present their arguments onto the table, and without Bush in the White house, it’s topics like these that gets the Flashkit’s wandering minds into focus and a pretty slick debate.

Flashkit were the place to be if you were gonna be a flash developer back then, but the site’s well past its glory days, although the forums are still alive and kicking. It’s like the threads have taken a life of its own and there’s just no stopping.

And that’s all that I’m there for, to nibble on the breadcrumbs of these professional’s minds and also the antics of the misdemeanours, and to perhaps learn a few graceful thing or two.

So can we start with the lawsuit already?

Wait a minute, but why should I?

If I would, is it because I’m a programmer who only knows how to use Adobe’s Flash CS5 to make apps for the AppStore?

And now that it’s taken away from me, that I have a valid reason to do so?


That’s how I see it really, whenever someone claims at how unjust Apple’s move is.?

The way I see, Apple owns the hardware, the software, the online store and I just don’t get the part where it’s not right for them to decide what’s best when they’re playing on their own turf with their own game?

It’s like your mom decides that no boys who listens to Justin Bieber should date her child, and then some random fella cries outrage and contemplates filing a suit against your mom, just because.

And you, the child, is a BIG FAN of that tiny prodigal singer, so do you date someone else or lock yourself in the room and cry for 13 nights straight?

Seriously, I may get or feel the outrage that Adobe has against Apple’s latest move, but I don’t quite understand the level that it’s reached. Seems to me that Adobe is seriously in a bad mood because Apple refuses to go out on a date.

Relax, just sit back and relax.

That’s right Adobe, calm down, and instead of throwing a tantrum, tolerate and abide by it. No point venting your frustrations if you don’t try to find a solution.

In fact solution abounds, ‘cos Adobe can now focus and redirect their energy towards companies that do want to adopt application development with CS5.

Apple has just given them one less platform to think about, and possibly narrowed their marketing budget, and everybody knows that when you have to many options, you get spoilt for choice.

So instead of fighting fire with fire, that energy is better redirected and channelled it into other ares, like maybe a new technological development or a smart marketing campaign.

Fan not, the flames of the problem.

In life, problems are the best thing that can happen to anyone, because only they give us the opportunity to learn to cope, endure and solve.

And when something can’t be solved, well, we live around it.

Now, now Adobe, just chill it.

Periodic Table ebook for Apple iPad – visually stunning.

You may think that I’m an Apple Fanboy with the amount of Apple related stuffs going on within these pages.

Well I guess I am.

With that vid of the ebook, quite a visually compelling reason, imho, to ditch Kindles over iPads.

And with that, who’s to say electronic inks on the kindle will rule the ebooks world?

Not that I’ll get myself an iPad anyway.


Long Time Coming

No thanks to a hectic week of exhibitions and the usual changes of adverts, I’d like to visit Hell for a little bit of R&R now.

And have I shared my BBQ pics yet? Of course not.

But I’m sharing these gems:

Dear Apple 1

As if punching the keys on a 17inch Macbook Pro isn’t enough, I’d like that 32inch monster please.

Dear Apple 2

Actually, for about a little bit more than an iPhone, you’re getting more than twice the processing power, about quadruple the screen estate, and an endless barrage of jealous onlookers, because they cannot swipe their netbooks and laptop while browsing websites/photos, while you can.

Okay, so the iPad can’t make calls or take photos, but it’s essentially an iPod touch on steriods.

And it’s thinner and lighter than your netbook.

It lasts longer than your netbook.

It loads and shutsdown faster than your netbook.

And best of all, to all those complaining it can’t run conventional OS and apps, it doesn’t have viruses and malware like your netbooks.

Period. (No puns intended.)

My A geek’s dream come true.

January 26

This date is not just my birthday, but also the probable launch of Apple’s much rumoured tablet PC, wait, does apple conforms as a PC these days, especially with its Intel chip?

Nevermind that, and anyway, PCWorld buzzes that on January 26 I will receive hoards of gifts, like a beaver stuff toy, from my legion of fans, which is about 3 people at most the iSlate will be born into this world.

Now I am no Apple fanboy (yeah, all fanboys keep denying they’re not right? But really, I’m not. So…) but I am thrilled at the various images of the iSlate, the name that tech industry insiders (people who are inside the tech industry) have bestowed to the mythical tablet.

iSlate v1

iSlate V2

iSlate v3

iSlate v4

iSlate v5
Coolest and slickest!

And of course, what would the world be without my vision (Probably the same)?

My version…


Beaver not included.

I Want An Imac 27inch (Festive Present Maybe?) But Not From Bidpax Please.

Imac 27inch Cinematic Screen

How can anyone resist this? How can? Or how cannot???

Wait, I know how cannot — cannot afford that is! By not having the money to buy!

So tantalising, so tempting, so… arrghhh! I’ll admit, I’m an Apple fanboy! Bite me!

Iphone 3GS

And then there is the iPhone 3GS! So sleek, so captivating, so smooth, so…. arrrghhhhH!!!

Why must Apple torture me suring this holiday season with all these beautiful gadgets!

It’s not quite an obsession with the brand or anything-but-apple mindset that I possess, but it’s the simple, minimalistic yet functional design of Apple’s products that draws me towards them.

See that iphone above? Ever since its release, how many lookalikes have there been? Or even the imac for that matter.

But you know what’s the down-to-earth thing about apple is? Is that it does have it’s not-so-great moments as well, which it takes on smoothly and moves on.


Remember the Apple Newton? Aha! Not many would realise about it, but it wasn’t the success that Apple then craved for it to be.

In 1998 the Apple Newton was cut off from its production line, due to the lukewarm response for the said PDA.

G4 Cube

And to state another, there was the G4 Cube, an award winning product, that was simply out of this world (at that time) and out of everyone’s pockets it seemed. It got stuffed away and despite a few facelift,  at least it has driven Apple towards the obsession of slimmer, smaller or lighter, and better.

Thus the imac today.

Thinking about it, the imac, the iphone all perhaps wouldn’t have gained its cult status if not for these duds. It’s the continuous redesign and improvements given to its product line that makes Apple stand out from the rest of its counterparts.

Instead of adding more features and hardware, things are streamlined and simplified, yet functional. The way that good designs should be.

Being a part-time designer myself, I cannot stress how important this simple mantra of mine is: Good designs should make things simple, uncluttered and fully functional.

Keep reinventing, repolishing, reworking on any design before you can call it a final design, and imho there can and never will be a final design, because designs can forever be improved and polished.

And I love, adore, obsessive over good polished designs.

Anyway, since I can’t afford a 27inch iMac at the moment, and sees no reason for me to want to get one either (other than the adoration for having one itself, then I guess I can wait — even if Bidpax offers it to me for cheap!

Now is one website that is simple, streamlined BUT (sadly) just not functional. Bah~