Moving on.

Life is a river of chaos and an ocean of madness.

You know, every time I try to blog open up a new canvas to splash my incandescent thoughts into comprehensible words, they almost always end up being thrashed away and deprived of any recognition, before I realise that it’s getting late and that I probably needed to rest my head down for the night.

Unfortunately, it’s been that way for most nights and as a result, this blog seems blighted with a hiatus of some sort.

It wasn’t helped that I was being recalled for my National Service (NS) duty for half a month, as well as recursively giving the office a visit to soothen the chaos there.

My NS Stint was a very welcomed one and despite being physically exhaustive, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with the boys, if compared to the mentally exhaustive baggages at work.

NS wasn’t that bad after all, and I actually feel like I’ve just returned from an overdue holiday and it feels as if I’m recharged like a brand new me.

So, as you’d have already found out, it’s not just the ‘me’ inside that’s feeling brand new, but this blog’s cosmetics too!

Just for the records, ‘Oel Ngati Kameie‘ is Navi language for ‘I See You’, and in case you didn’t knew, I’m a rabid Avatar fan and am guilty as judged.

Or is the term guilty as charged? Bah, penalise me..

It’s 2011, and we’re nearing the end of February already, but why does it seem so fast?

Like it was only yesterday that I met new faces, found old friends and lost dear ones, of which I dare say pretty much summed up my 2010 for me.

Indeed if there was only one word for me to describe 2010, it’d have to be ‘lost chances’ — okay, bite me, so what if they are two words?

Compared to 2009, where I started to dive into almost every subject that I came across, 2010 was a year where I delved ignorantly head first, subscribing to a mixture of much anguish and memorable joys.

It was a year where I learnt to live for today, today and today.

I was determined to not go into tomorrow with a ‘what-if’ or a ‘if-only’ in my head.

2010 was a year where I invested heavily, both financially and emotionally, a phase where I crashed and burned continuously, and a period where I traded archaic naiveness with a broken heart, but unlike with broken bones, trudgingly one is still able to meander the course of life!

And I nearly lost everything as I lost my footing, but that’s just me being overly dramatic of my fortunes then, or was it misfortune?

Anyways, I loved 2010 for being what it’s been and as I clutch on dearly onto my bundle of blemished and blessed experiences, I crave for what 2011 may offer me.

Be it for better or worse, indeed noone knows what the future will bring, but one thing for sure, if one paddles not, then the current decides the fate.

It’s a river of chaos and an ocean of madness, but everything will be alright.

Just don’t stop paddling.

Hari Raya Puasa 2010

I could get into a rambling mood and start churning out an unnecessarily eloquent posts about this festive season and all the overspending that’s being done all over the world, but I think I could practice a little restrain here.

What the fasting month of Ramadhan preaches is really all about abstinence from any particular apetite.

And finding yourself too.

With that said, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims and Happy Holidays to everyone!

A Quick Reminder For 2010

Definitely there has got to be more of…
… making websites, selling tee-shirts, printing stickers, taking photographs, updating blogs, hitting the gym, reading more books and dinner-ing with family/friends.

I suppose I could postpone/delay the…
changing repairing of bike, upgrading of computer, shopping for clothes, buying of soccer boots and getting new wardrobe for the room.

Of course it wouldn’t hurt to experience a lesser amount of…
… lanshop gaming, dvd/tv watching, music making, to not fall ill to my chronic coughing, and to cease with immediate effect my impulse buying sprees.

As for now, I’ll just enjoy my tryst with Avatar (the movie) for as long as I can. Amazingly I still can’t get over it — not complaining though~

Hello New Year

That 2009 zipped past by just like that is way too fast and much too scary. I can’t even fathom how 2010 will follow suit.

First of, THANK YOU to Dils and her sister, Ra’edah (or wassit Radi’ah??? Gee, I’m bad with names…) for the unexpected ticket to Polyphemus’ moon, Pandora. Yep, it was Pandoramonium all over again, and in 3D, I like!

Anyway I think she’s a fangirl already. I’m sure she’ll be hopping down to the nearest pet store, and check to see if there’s any blue skinned, hairless bipedal cat for sale. Or maybe she’ll give the pets adoption centre a visit, who knows~

You’ll know where I stand on the movie, Avatar, and like the first time that I experienced it, it’s third viewing felt just as fresh, and just as captivating — except that there was this particular low-key mood scene where when a Bollywood ringtone filled the intent air.

I’m pretty sure that it was fated and meant to be that way, that a Bollywood ringtone would ring, not once, but twice so that us (movie-goers) are tempted to get another round of tickets, for another viewing of the movie. Uber sneaky ploy by FOX and James Cameron indeed.

Also don’t even get me started about the kid, sitting in front of me, who had to wave his hands about at the start of the show, his witty quips and questions during certain moments of the movie, or when he stood up restlessly blocking my uber excellent view of the screen, before he headed off to the loo and back.

Still, thanks to all the interuptions, I think I had a memorable (thanks to Dils), and technically speaking, movie experience ever and the only one that spanned 2 years. I went into the theatre in 2009, and voila, I came out of it in 2010. What a moviethon~

Oh hello 2010~

Apart from giving accountants headaches, I’m pretty sure that be it 2010 or 2009, they are just numbers. Figures that cause us to live our life around them, like planning schedules, setting targets and of course, coming up with resolutions.

And I thought resolutions are things that come at the end of it all when everything is ok? That’s why they’re called resolutions right?

I can’t recall my 2009 resolutions, and I’m starting to wonder if I had any at all. For 2010, I’m not gonna bind myself to any, nor will I be taking it too hard if I realise slowlt that none of my 2009 resolutions never came to fruition.

But I’ll set targets for 2010. Oh yes, what will we ever aim for if we don’t put up our targets, or specifically ‘Life Targets’ eh?

No, I’m not talking about shooting down the person you hate (bad, this is very bad only.) or taking revenge at that incessantly obnoxious cubicle occupant next to you, but more of an intangible target of sorts that benefits you and the people around you.

Forget targets like having a new 17inch Macbook Pro, or a Sony Alpha 330 DSLR Camera, or a Samsung colour laser printer.

‘Life Targets’, IMHO, could be something like spending more time with the family, giving tuition to your sisters, taking your dad and ma out for dinner or simply to start or do something eventful or something that propels your life forward, into places you’ve never known before.

Like getting married — but that’s probably the last thing on my mind right now, why get tied down when there’s so many things you can do when you’re young?

Now these are targets that reward you differently than, say a new car, but for certain, the satisfaction that ensues is far-reaching and spiritually releasing. Cars, you return them to the government at the end of a decade. Gadgets, they become obsolete in a few years and money, they get used up eventually.

But memories, relationships, and family, well they’re everlasting, right? These are the things that are worth fighting for in life.

We all need that single, myopic epic reason to fight for and I suppose that now 2010 is here, it’s about time I realise my place, my position, and my enemies in this battlefield, and to win your war, you’ll need to understand your enemy.

Thanks to Avatar’s exposure and underlying story, perhaps my resolutions (and hopefully others’) will meander towards the less materialistic approach and more of a holistic one.

For certain, I’d like to spend more time at home and less time slavering away in the office. Perhaps a home office sounds like a good life target eh?

Happy New Year Internet!!!

Download Your 2010 Calendar Here

December used to be the month when you will be on the receiving end of countless free desktop calenders, which you can doodle with.

However that may cease to continue as ST reports of corporations cutting costs by limiting its wave of corporate calendars and diaries for the year.

What a calendar, I mean disaster! But really, what could we do if we cannot use our red markers to circle out our leave dates and append appointment memos onto our favourite desktop calendars, even if we don’t actually refer back to them?

Like where else would we doodle during our free time in the office?

Or where else could we quickly write down that phone number we just received while talking on the phone?

2012’s Apocalypse came tad too early? Worry not, Mar to the rescue.

Free 2010 Calendars people!

I know, that working in a printshop myself, I could probably print them but hey, with all those climate change talks in Copenhagen still ongoing and now well into their second week already, let’s save some trees eh?

So instead of Facebooking my time away with games or apps, here’s a little something in the spirit of giving, just because.

2010 Calendars from

Rest assured the 2010 Calendars are very much printable quality (A5 size)  and you can download them freely:

  • Nailed – download253kb (right click + save as)
  • Ohai Cat – download 219kb (right click + save as)
  • Brushed Metal- download 230kb (right click + save as)
  • Seaweed- download 175kb (right click + save as)

I think I’m gonna do more, perhaps explore a few more colour ranges, within the next few days.

Thanks to and their royalty free images, I’m able to work with a huge list of free images without worrying about infringing any copyrights.